From My Heart

You can find a tidbit of deep thoughts from the wells of my mind on various topics. Many of these things have to do with things I’ve learned in the ministry, as a wife and mother, and personal testimonies of how God has worked and provided for us.

Getting to Know Me: 31 Memories of a Blessed Life , 32 Tidbits of Fun!

A Roadblock to Your Own Comfort

Come  Back Home – This is inspired by a song, written to not give up hope for those who have wandered away like the prodigal son.

Conclusions About Faith – Maybe faith isn’t heel-clicking excitement but we find in Hebrews 11 that God shows us how to have faith.

Confession #1 – The House Guest Shuffle – How I’m learning to chill out before guests arrive instead of barking orders to get things perfectly in order. When guests arrive it reveals my sin of perfectionism.

Confession # 2 – Some Days I Want To Quit – I admit it, I am naturally a quitter. My son’s experience in learning to ride his bike allowed me to learn more about quitting and how God is the reason why I cannot quit on ministry or my family.

Family Updates – April 2015, June 2015, November 2015

A Foreigner Fights for Our Freedom – A Polish man named Vladic came to fight in our military, see how his service made me think of the Saviour.

God’s Answer to Suicidal Thoughts is: Life!  – Do you know how suicide ruins families? When we have suicidal thoughts to end our lives then God has an answer to cherish your life the way He does.

I Miss You Heaps and Think of You Often – How I still miss my best friend from high school  and have left the door open if she ever would like to return. This can teach us all to leave the door open in relationships that may not end well and that sometimes following God means that we leave people we love behind.

Mr. Grief the Teacher – Sharing thoughts and feelings about when my cousin passed away and how I write notes and letters to my family before I go on long trips. My understanding is limited to why things happen the way they do, but ultimately, it is God’s choice.

Question Your Questions – We all have questions but we need to see that the questions of a Christian can blind and distort the figure of God Almighty. When questioning God you must seek His Word to find your answers.

Releasing Yourself From Christmas Expectations – Holidays come with a heavy price tag. Learn how to release yourself from some of these burdens that are unnecessary.

So Your Little Plan Didn’t Work – This devotion teaches us that maybe the things that go wrong are to show us how wrong we are. We learn from King David’s life how Nathan the prophet had to confront him to show him his sin.

The Hidden Dangers of a Christian Wearing a Mask – Did you know some people feel like taking off a mask and revealing a sinful lifestyle is more freeing? In reality they take off one mask and put on a mask of sinful living that masks the light of God within. This post discusses some of my testimony of wearing masks and many points on the hidden dangers of it disabling the Armor of God.

The Ministry Mama’s Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

The Police Chaplain’s Wife – My experiences as a police chaplain wife taught me that although I did not want my husband to be a chaplain, that it ended up benefiting our family and ministry.

This Is The Bad Day – A personal story about our second son breaking his fingers on the same day as our Lord’s Supper Service. What seemed like a bad day to me, I found the blessings in the end.

Underneath a Load of Care – A poem I wrote and a little encouragement for those who may feel like the world is on their shoulders.

Untimely Death and the Sins of Others – I don’t understand everything about problems in this life. This post tells my heart’s struggles with untimely death and the sins of others.

Why Santa Ain’t Getting the Credit for God’s Blessin’s – Our reason for focusing on Christ and not allowing Santa to be a distraction

Writing for Young Wife’s Guide – This article explains why I’ve written as a contributing writer on and lists some of my favorite articles I’ve written there.