Christian Motivations

3 Basic Blessings of Being a Faithful Nursery Worker – God blesses nursery workers in 3 simple ways when they are faithful to being a nursery worker. You learn about the blessing of servitude, influence, and friendship in this simple article.

Beginning a College & Career Class – If you’re starting a new college-aged class, this will help you make a plan for a successful start.

Christmas Character Series – Gratefulness, Contentment, Generosity. Many principles in these articles can be applied to your life year-round.

Conquering Bad Thoughts – Do you have trouble with bad thoughts popping into your head? Do you wish that you had the strength to conquer them? This article provides Biblical counseling on the importance of putting on the Armor of God to help you conquer bad thoughts.

Down Home Hospitality by Tricia – She tells about how she learned to be hospitable from her father and how we can learn to be used to down home hospitality.

Exercising Godliness: The Best Type of Exercise – Exercise is great, but exercising is more beneficial for you in your eternal life. article.

Exercise is for Serving God for a Lifetime  – Your body should be a tool for serving the Lord, exercise helps you be able to strengthen the tool. article.

God’s Answer to Suicidal Thoughts is: Life! – Do you or someone you know battle with suicidal thoughts and struggle with a desire to kill yourself? You will learn about God’s value of each individual life instead of death.

Heavenly Hospitality – Part 1 and Part 2 These articles teach about how God our Father is hospitable to His home in heaven and how we can apply His principles to our home. This article refers you to articles I have written on

How to Help the Fatherless on Father’s Day – You can be a blessing to a fatherless child this year on Father’s Day in very specific ways, read how!

Planned Neglect in a Christian Woman’s Life – Planned neglect is planning to neglect things so you can focus on what is important. This article explains how you should establish right priorities, value people over things, and use time as a tool instead of a taskmaster. This article moves you to

Releasing Yourself From Christmas Expectations – Holidays come with a heavy price tag. Learn how to release yourself from some of these burdens that are unnecessary.

Spiritual Remedies for Family Bitterness – You can learn how to resolve family problems that revolve around bitterness by following scripture in Ephesians. This article links you to an article I wrote for

Tackling Depression Heart On – Getting to the heart of depression is dealing with your thought life.

The Tongue: A Tool for a Fool or a Device to be Nice? Guest Post by Karen Finn, the author of Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour? a Bible study for teen girls.

Where Have the Older Women Gone? This post asks a question of why there are not many mentors in the older generation seeking to help those of the younger generation like the Bible teaches in Titus 2. This article on another website helps you see many of the reasons and provides an open letter to older women.