Posts for Ministry Workers

Ministry Series

The Burned Series1. Burned by Deep Ministry Hurts 2. Healing From Deep Ministry Hurts 3. Beauty From Ashes

Finding a New MinistryHow to Tell If God is Moving You to a New MinistrySeeking a New Ministry the Right Way, Getting Your Name Out There the Right Way

Hardness Series1. Enduring Hardness in Ministry 2. Having Compassion While Enduring Hardness in Ministry

Honoring Your Pastor Series1. Free Gifts to Give 2. Personal Gifts of Investment 3. Honorary Gift Idea List  4. 21 Sweet Gift Ideas for Your Pastor’s Wife 5. 10 Ways to Say It With Cake 6. 12 Money Tree & Bouquet Ideas

Q&A Series1. What Makes the Difference in Having Compassion in Ministry? 2. Hospitality at Home  3. Church Kids, Choirs, and Singing, 4. Pregnancy, Infants Pt. 1

Individual Ministry Articles

12 Things Church Visitors Wish You Knew – This list will encourage you to think of how a visitor might feel when they visit your church for the first time or for subsequent visits.

15 Great Things About Ministry  – Not everything about ministry is bad, here you can be encouraged about all the ways God helps and makes ministry great.

25 Things I Didn’t Learn in Bible College – This is a serious and funny list that reveals how God prepares you and teaches you quickly for the ministry He wants you to have.

55 Ladies Bible Study Ideas – This list includes a group of books not only for a Ladies Bible study group but also for a teen girls group.

Beginning a College & Career Class – If you’re starting a new college-aged class, this will help you make a plan for a successful start.

Can Ministry Women Abuse Leadership? This article describes 10 ways in which ministry women can abuse leadership, then it gives multiple scenarios to test your ability to discern whether you are abusing your role as a ministry wife.

Cheap Teaching Visuals for a Tight Church Budget – Ideas on how to save money through using free printables, resources that you already have handy, and how to make new and creative teaching visuals.

How God Taught Me to Take Time for My Kids – A Guest Post by Mindy, a ministry wife and mother of two.

Decorating for Events, Not a Waste of Time – It takes so much time and effort decorating for an event and then it goes into storage or the trash can within hours after the event. This article helps you to understand that decorations can play a big part in setting an atmosphere conducive to learning God’s Word.

The Difference Between Quitting and Resting – Do you ever want to quit? Well, I think we all do, but we should think about perhaps taking a rest instead. This will help you identify temptations of quitting and what you can do to replace those temptations.

Good Expectations for Fellow Staff Members in Ministry – We all have in our head what our fellow staff members should be and do. This article will help you live realistically and learn from the people you work with.

How to Help the Fatherless on Father’s Day – Simple helps on how to help a fatherless child on Father’s Day when you are at church. You can talk with them, pray with them, give them verses of encouragement, and seek to meet an immediate need they may have.

Ministry Advice from Proverbs 10 – Quickly go through the book of Proverbs with little simple encouragements how God can enable you to do the work of the ministry.

Sensory Bins for Sunday School – Do you need a new visual aid for Sunday School for preschoolers or primary grades? Try a sensory bin!

Staff Problems: Help! My Problem is the Pastor’s Wife – It’s true, some ministry women desire to love and help their pastor’s wife and their are hindrances in that relationship. This provides good “mind-sized” pieces of advice to help you.

Tips for Surviving Long Ministry Weeks – Gain some insights on how to make long ministry weeks during Vacation Bible School, Revivals, and Missions Conferences easier on you and your family.

Where Does The Music Director’s Wife Fit In? – Ministry “titles” often ruin relationships when other people base their friendships on what they think your ministry position should be. This is how I felt many times as the music director’s wife.

Missions Ideas and Articles

10 Great Games for Deputation – Are you looking for a travel game or fun gift that would be great for a missionary family on deputation or furlough? One of these 10 games just might be what you are looking for!

Gift Idea List for Traveling Missionaries – This list has been comprised by ministry and missionary wives to help you be a blessing and not a burden to missionaries traveling on deputation and furlough. Look and receive some great ideas for great gifts for missionaries!