The Ministry Mama -Family Update April 2015

Ladies and Gents ~

We have taken a break from some of our normal family routine and it was not necessarily in my heart to take a break from blogging but it has happened. There are 36 drafts on different ministry topics some almost complete, some only ideas jotted down and saved, but in a cycle of daily events, it just is time for me to focus on some things in my home first. I hope that you can understand that this rest will, Lord willing, be able to fuel some new ideas and give me just what I need to complete and finish the drafts that are waiting.

We were able to spend some time away two weeks ago and go for a visit to see some ministry friends in a neighboring state. Although I was sick with a cold it was still a refreshment to my heart to be able to take a rest away from the fast-pace we have tried to maintain and just sit still. We are always thankful for these battery-chargers in our life! This week my mom is watching Dos and Tres and next week she will take Uno, our oldest for another week. This has also been a battery-charger!


The Ministry Mama with her children at a mountain overlook.

Right now in our family we have the ages, 15 weeks in utero, 3, 5, 7, 9, last year at this time we had 2, 4, 6, 8 (who did they appreciate – Mom!). I marvel at our children and their growth spiritually and physically!  Sometimes I marvel at the different stages of life each of them is in and the struggles with sin each of them carries. None of our children are peas in a pod, besides in their dark hair color and eyes, their individuality is truly the spice of our lives. We never go long without a person telling us that these phases will pass before our eyes, it happened this week in the chiropractor’s office with a sweet lady smiling at Cuatro, our three-year-old, and sharing these sentiments in her own words. Some of our children are needing one-on-one attention and in order to to focus on them, I am needing to back-off on some of my other commitments and pleasures. Blogging for me is a definite pleasure!

I do not know how long the rest I am taking from blogging will last but it will not last forever! I truly believe that God has great things for this blog and for His purposes for it. Please be sure to keep your eye out for some of the articles that I will be reblogging. They will be articles that have either been popular on the website or they have been extra near and dear to my heart as I wrote them. I hope that if you have never read those articles that you will take the time to see if the Lord has a special nugget of encouragement in them for you.

Thank you for subscribing to this blog, you are what makes The Ministry Mama website what it is! And as a Texan I’ll sing, “Happy Trails to you, until we meet again…”


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  1. wmtoolbox says:

    Praying for you as you step out in obedience. May God bless your time with family and may He recharge your soul…

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