Family Update: June 2015

Hello Friends!

It’s been a little too long since I last wrote to you all and I wanted to share what is going on in our lives personally. May 31st was my husband’s last Sunday to serve in our church and we have now stepped out in faith to follow God’s call on my husband’s life to preach.

As many of you know, he has been the music director at our church for the past 5 1/2 years and it has been clear for some time that the Lord was moving in our hearts for him to be able to work in a ministry that will allow him more of an opportunity to preach. He loves leading music and is good at it (if I may say so from a doting wife’s perspective, wink, wink) but the longing and burning in his heart will not go away to do that ONE thing. He has told many people who if he were called to do music ministry only then he would have no problem staying put and continuing to work and serve in the church where we have served. BUT, that is not the case. Just as Abraham, Moses, Paul, and Peter followed the call, my husband must also follow.

We are in a new transition, after having told our church family good-bye, in praying and seeking God’s face for His perfect will for our family. This past weekend we were able to go for a mini-vacation in the nearby wilderness and stay in a cabin with no internet or phone access and just spend time hiking and loving on each other. And let me tell you, it was so good for us to be alone in solitude. We were able to forget the world and just view God’s creation and rest.

June 1015 Update

On Sunday, we attended a small church that our church has supported for many, many years very close to an Indian pueblo. Their work is small but it is obvious the pastor there has a heart for truly teaching the people by going through the scriptures and explaining to them the heart of the Bible. What we saw was Biblical mission work here in the United States and are proud to know that when we gave to missions that this work was being supported by those monies and they have not been wasted.

This next weekend we will be taking our first trip to another state to visit a prospective church that will be interviewing us (and us them) for a position as an associate on staff. We also have other meetings throughout the summer where my husband has been invited to preach, but no other interviews so far. This will keep us busy for the next month and a half, we will be able to visit family as well as friends on our trips between four states.

In between times we will be packing our belongings so we can move to an unknown (to us – not to God) destination. Our garage his half way packed already. I’m thankful for some extra time to really go through our things and filter through what should be kept and what can be garage sale fodder or thrown away. When you have four kids and all your own personal stuff, it takes a while to really do that!

Most mothers can probably relate that we hope and pray that the Lord will show us His perfect place for us… sooner than later. As my second trimester is ticking by, my heart and mind long to know where we will be having this baby. Our last two were homebirth babies, and Lord willing, this one will be too… IF things continue to go well and we have an established home by the time the little one is determined to arrive.

When I said we’re really stepping out by faith, we truly are. The best analogy I can think of is a blank book, where God is the author, penning His plan through the pages and chapters that are yet to be written. We may not know where we will go, but we can trust He will take care of us and even has a plan for baby Cinco’s birth that has yet to be revealed. We have a good midwife here that is taking care of baby and I in the meantime.

In the near future I hope to write about all of God’s wonderful provisions for us along this journey. He has already given us blessings, provided needs, and even wants! We have been genuinely humbled by the Chief Shepherd and His goodness.

Thank you for coming along this journey of faith with me in our transitional ministry time and thank you for those of you who have prayed for us and will be praying for us in the weeks and months to come. I can guarantee once we are settled in our next place of service that it will be because of the prayers of God’s saints who have helped us. Thank you!

I hope you’re having a great summer serving the Lord!

~The Ministry Mama



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