31 Memories of a Blessed Life

Birthdays at times are overrated… instead of thinking of 31 things I want for myself, I want to celebrate 31 memories of a blessed life! Happy Un-Birthday to Me! 2 Months ago today I celebrated 31 years of being alive.

Maybe you can get to know me better by sharing my memories with you.

1. I know that even though my life was not planned by my parents, that I was wanted for the sole reason that I would one day learn of salvation. My mother was able to take me to church for the first time and be present when I accepted Christ as my Saviour.
2. A beautiful snowy night where my future husband and I threw snowballs at each other with many other friends on campus at our college. Little did we know 2 months later we would be in a relationship with that night forgotten until sometime later.
3. The memory of God’s presence as I walked down the hallway in high school, having made decisions to be close to God, I knew I would be losing friendships. He gave me comfort in that moment, not to feel alone.
4. My second job was provided standing inside Mervyn’s by a friend of my mom, who had only met me once. I worked at that job for almost a year in a fancy women’s apparel store.
5. The memory of thinking when I was between 14 and 16, that I did not want to have children or be a teacher. God’s sense of humor proved me wrong with 4 children and a love for teaching.
6. One woman’s statement in a time where I had been running from the Lord, “I’m praying for you.” It brought me to tears!
7. God’s provision of my first car came uniquely through my step dad’s mother’s death. She never relinquished her love for me despite my mother’s divorce. The inheritance I received paid for my first car.
8. My Senior class ring was provided by an elderly neighbor and friend of my grandparents. George loved to save me coffee cans of black licorice jelly beans since I liked them and he and his wife did not.
9. God’s protection from being nearly hit by a school bus when driving home with a friend. My hands flew to the wheel to guide it into the lane of oncoming traffic. It was hours later before I realized I had done that and we were safe because there was no traffic coming the other direction. I believe God’s angels buffered us from being in a fatality.
10. The blessing of watching The Gaither’s on Saturday evenings with my grandparents.
11. The joy of being in my best friend’s wedding and witnessing her first daughter being born.
12. Meeting my in-laws for the first time (after we were married) and feeling blessed for their love and kindness.
13. The satisfaction of graduating from high school and college.
14. The joy our first son brought to us (after the initial shock of childbirth & realizing you are a parent). The tears that welled up in our eyes as we held him.
15. The joke we played on my sister, telling her our second son was going to be a girl. We laughed and laughed about that afterward.
16. The hug my Grandpa gave me after I was married.
17. The feeling of walking away from a performance well played in marching band, concert band, and UIL ensemble tryouts.
18. Driving under the covered parking place at Sonic with my Mom and ordering a “blue ocean water.”
19. After both of our sons were saved it was special to watch them get baptized.
20. “Wallering” in my Grandmother’s lap.
21. Hosting our friends and family after our college graduation at a private lake for a weenie roast.
22. The gift of having a wonderful midwife that helped us catch our daughters at our home births. The peace that was in our home in those precious hours prior and following.
23. Having the song, “This is the Day,” on my lips as we watched the firefighters shovel heaps of our belongings out of a second story window after our apartment had been a total fire loss. The peace in knowing we had purchased renter’s insurance a couple of weeks prior.
24. Laughing and talking with my husband’s grandparents each time they come for a visit.
25. Learning to drive a stick shift in a weekend… and having my young sisters screaming in the tiny backseat as we would lurch forward and the car would jerk from changing gears.
26. The expression of joy on our youngest daughter’s face when I walk into a room, and the way she comes running with a smile on her face, the words “Mama” on her lips and her arms raised in anticipation that I will pick her up for a hug.
27. Two ornaments that were bought for us from a couple in our church that have our daughters’ names on them. The thoughtfulness and consideration they and many other church members have given in love.
28. Acting in skits with my fellow sisters for our Mother Daughter Banquets.
29. Grace extended to me by one particular person after a wrongdoing. That act of grace has given me new perspective on kindness extended to others after trying to get up again after a fall.
30. Ongoing relationships from connections made long ago, and the significant role they play in building me up spiritually and encouraging me. You never know what purpose God has for someone in your life.
31. All the working, speaking, molding, and loving actions God has been performing in my heart and life for 31 years now.