These topics have to do with motherhood or my family.

Church Camp Adventures – When you take your kids to camp, it changes things about how you can minister. Read about our adventures of 2014.

Dear Children Series – In this series I share letters that I have written to my children speaking from my heart on various topics. Click on the individual volumes to read them: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3.

Dust if You Must – This is a cute little poem that will encourage you to put aside the daily cares of cleaning and get out and live a little!

Flat Stanley Project – Have you ever read about Flat Stanley? It’s a great children’s book series. We made our own Flat Stanley and have chosen to send him around the United States in the hopes of getting him to the 50 States by the end of 2013.

5 Bible Lessons to Teach Your Boys While Building Things – This article gives you great lessons to teach your boys as you use your hammer and nails together, using examples like Noah to teach faithfulness to God, and more.

I Am Pro-Life Because of My Mother – A personal testimony of what God can do with an unplanned pregnancy.

Making My Sick Kids Feel Special Part 1 & Part 2 – In these two posts you can read some ideas on how to make your children feel special when they are sick. You can learn how to take advantage of a little down time.

Making our Resurrection Activities Meaningful – The reasons why we have purposed to make the resurrection of Christ just as meaningful as Christmas.

My Son’s Answered Prayers – My son’s testimony in praying for a young boy in our neighborhood for over a year and how God answered those prayers.

Resurrection Activities 2013 – What we did in the Spring of 2013 to celebrate Christ’s resurrection and teach our children more about the Saviour.

Sprinkling Spirituality Into Our Summer – See some things we added to our summer to not forget about the Lord while it’s warm outside. We use lots of audiobooks and more!

This is The Bad Day – One day my son broke his fingers and ended up in the ER for most of the day, the same day as our Lord’s Supper Service. It was a hard day for me, but in the end of days like that one, He always teaches me a spiritual lesson.

Thoughts on How to Teach Kids to Pray – Simple and practical tips on how to teach children to pray. Mealtime might not always be the best time but it is a great practice to put in place when children are young!