Question Your Questions

This was something I wrote a long time ago in 2007 and I thought I would share… it is a more general post toward everyone, not necessarily Ministry Mamas…

Question Your Questions
February 21, 2007

Lord, I ask more questions
Than You ask.
The ratio, I would suppose
Is ten to one.
I ask:
Why do You permit this anguish?
How long can I endure it?
What possible purpose does it serve?
Have You forgotten to be gracious?
Have I wearied You?
Have I offended You?
Have You cast me off?
Where did I miss Your guidance?
When did I lose the way?
Do You see my utter despair?
You ask:
Are you trusting me?

From Tell Me Again, Lord, I Forget
By Ruth Harms Calkins

The questions of a Christian can blind and distort the figure of God Almighty. When questioning God you must seek His Word to find your answers. Did not Satan pose a question to Eve about God’s instruction in her own life? Then as she began questioning herself what God had told them Satan began speaking lies that caused her to reconsider her desires to obey God. Her view of God changed because she allowed Satan to whisper in her ear and cause doubts. As she looked at the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil the Bible says that she saw that it was good to eat and she ate it. Then, she passed it on to Adam, who also made a decision to partake.

You must strongly question when you question the Lord and decide if it is going to be a doorway of Satanic lies in which he will work in order to destroy you and your relationship with God through the introduction or re-introduction of sin. As in the case of Eve passing the fruit on to Adam, beware lest you fall into a snare and drag others in with you.

In most of our tumultuous times in life we ask questions to which the author of that poem familiarly wrote and we search for complicated and logistical answers for the effects of what has happened to us when it’s really simple: “Are you trusting me?” Our panic, our lack of prayer, our manipulative actions to control a life that is not within our control is all because of a lack of trust toward God.

The chorus of a song by James Wells comes to my mind when I think of what trusting is – “Living by faith, in Jesus above; Trusting, confiding, in His great love; From all harm safe, in His sheltering arm; I’m living by faith and feel no alarm.” Faith is trusting in the God we cannot see and knowing His plans and power will keep our soul safe from eternal destruction. Without that type of faith we’re leaving the door unlocked for Satan to come in.

Many times in the Old Testament God put the children of Israel through various circumstances in order to “prove” them as you can read in Exodus and Deuteronomy. The word prove means to “test, tempt, to try.” Deuteronomy 8:3 says, “And thou shalt remember all the way which the LORD thy God led thee these forty years in the wilderness, to humble thee, and to prove thee, to know what was in thine heart, whether thou wouldest keep his commandments, or no.” It was an effort to reveal to them what was in their hearts and whether they would be obedient to what He told them to do.

Maybe that’s the case here in your situation, whatever it may be, with whatever difficulty, test of morality, trying of your patience, perhaps God is proving what you’re made of.

Are you trusting Him?
Are your questions legitimate or have you begun to question for selfish reasons? or a way to get out of obedience?
Are you allowing Satan to come into the door of your hardship and gain entry to destroy you and your relationship with God?
Are your doubts bringing others down with you?

It’s a good thing to stand back and evaluate so that you can have the closest relationship you can with the Lord despite what you’re going through. Seek the answers to your questions in the Word of God and it will help your trust and faith to grow or stay in tact. Question your questions!