Writing for Young Wife’s Guide

Many of you know and some of you don’t know that – I am also a contributor over at the Young Wife’s Guide. The Lord allowed me the opportunity to begin writing for them a few months after I began blogging last year and I contribute an article at least once a month.

The goal of Young Wife’s Guide is to help women learn about all sorts of topics that will help them with their home, in their marriage and in topics of the general nature of Christian interest within the home. Jami Balmet, is the website’s creator and she loves her marriage with her husband Jason and has two darling little twin boys. I admire her for having a sweet spirit and a love for other Christian ladies.

Today I wanted to share some of the different articles that I have written for Young Wife’s Guide through the last year and a half. They are articles that are usually good for general Christian living, rather than the ministry related articles that I like to write about here at The Ministry Mama.

If you see something that interests you then I encourage you to click on the link and read it! One of the greatest benefits of the internet is that you can get great quick help for daily problems and sharpen your thinking within just a few minutes of time.

God-Centered Activity Ideas for Summer – It isn’t too late to involve God in your summer plans. This article gives you ideas to help yourself personally, your marriage, and your family incorporate God in some fun ways this summer.

Exercise is for Serving God for a Lifetime – We have a body and it should be taken care of for God’s glory. Exercise keeps your body in shape so you can serve the Lord.

Exercising Godliness: The Best Type of Exercise – This article will tell you the value of exercising godliness.

Planned Neglect in a Christian Woman’s Life – You just have to neglect some things to get what you need to get done in your life… but you must plan it!

Anniversary Date Ideas – 9 ideas to help you come up with something new for your anniversary celebration!

Potty Training Pointers & More Potty Training Pointers – After training 4 kiddos I given you some of my best potty training pointers in these two articles.

For the Love of Laundry – Need help with organizing how you do your laundry. This article is like a Laundry 101 even if you’ve been doing laundry on your own for years.

Creating Special Memories from New Beginnings – This was my New Year’s article, but you can plan to create special memories for your family all year-long. This article encourages you not only to make plans for special times but to execute them.

New Babies & Bible Studies – Being a new mom or the mom of your 5th newborn, this article encourages you in your regular Bible reading routine to make it basic and simple for you until you get over the long nights and fatigue.

Joyful Motherhood – Motherhood is supposed to be joyful! This article provides an acrostic of things you can do to make your life with your family not only joyful but enjoyable.

I hope you all have a great day! You are what makes my blogging and writing experience special, so thanks again for your time in reading!