Bible Topics

Heavenly Hospitality Part 1 & Part 2 – These articles teach about how God our Father is hospitable to His home in heaven and how we can apply His principles to our home. This article refers you to articles I have written on

The Case for Biblical Modesty

  • Being Discreet and Chaste – Learning from Titus 2 what it means to be modest by learning about how to become discreet and chaste. This also focuses on the change in our wardrobe after we have come to Christ, by putting off the old and replacing it with righteous clothing.
  • God’s True Purpose for Modesty – God clearly explains his purpose for modesty in Titus 2 is so that the grace of God can appear to all men. This article teaches what immodesty does to the lost world and to fellow Christians. It also teaches six Bible reasons for dressing modestly.
  • It’s Appearance to All – Continuing in Titus chapter 2 we learn that modesty is for the purpose of not only showing God to the world, but encouraging our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to be zealous of good works.

The Hidden Dangers of a Christian Wearing a Mask – Did you know some people feel like taking off a mask and revealing a sinful lifestyle is more freeing? In reality they take off one mask and put on a mask of sinful living that masks the light of God within. This post discusses some of my testimony of wearing masks and many points on the hidden dangers of it disabling the Armor of God.