What Mother’s Day Means to Me

Just as Thanksgiving and Christmas allows us to take the time to reflect on the blessings God has given and the wonderful birth of Christ in Bethlehem, Mother’s Day for me is a day of reflection. It causes me to think of wonderful women in my life through the years, some who were my relatives others who were sisters in Christ that made an impact in my life.

Mother’s Day means that I can thank God and look back on the times when I needed a mother’s touch and there was a woman there who fulfilled that need in her own way. As I am reflecting this year I want to share some of the memories I have of wonderful mothers who have used moments in their life to have an influence in mine and have marked my heart’s memory with their love.

My mother has always believed that I had talent and purpose and is a great cheerleader and encourager. She’ll fight my battles now from afar as she prays for me and listens to me and allows me to be myself. She has taught me how to have grit and determination as well as find people to be a blessing to. Learn more about why I love my mother here.

My grandmother has impressed upon me that our lives are always a journey with the Lord, as He continually works on us. In her life experiences she has gone through she has taught me that sometimes the disappointments in life are the hardest thing to deal with but that we can still go on. She has helped me to realize my dream of graduating college and continued to spoil me and love me even in my 30’s.

My aunt has taught me that waiting on the Lord is what is best. She was married for the very first time in her life ten days after our second son was born. I watched her serve the Lord for many years doing His work and attending to His people and her friends as a single woman. In one specific time of our lives she comforted us after our apartment fire and opened her home and made us feel like we were not alone after our loss.

My great-grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s and watching her in her repeated circles of conversation helped me realize that we may not be blessed with never forgetting.  Also, joy can be found in the moment as each “new” conversation was an opportunity to make her smile, hear her stories, or sweet songs to the Lord. As she looked and begged for the Lord to take her to heaven, it made me long to be present with the Lord too.

My other great-grandmother helped me see the beauty of little children. She always loved when my boys and I would come to visit, she would watch them and tell stories of her own children. She helped me understand that you should not wait until you are old to value the younger years of childhood.

My mother-in-law has taught me to rejoice no matter your circumstances. As she suffers through a difficult disease but she wears a smile and always has something very thoughtful to say. She has also taught me the value of using your talents for the Lord and has encouraged me to love our children and even in the difficult moments to forgive them and keep doing my best.

A friend and mother of four boys was there for me when I was in labor with our first son when my mother could not be with me. She and my aunt (mentioned above) were a calming presence in the face of the unknown and pain above measure. They played a beautiful part in our son’s arrival celebration.

A sister in Christ has been there for me to help me as I minister in our church. She watches our children many times before and after church and lets them sit with her in the church services when I cannot. She loves them, hugs them, and spoils them just like a grandmother would, only she has never been married or had children of her own. She has stepped in like an adopted grandmother when we have been so far away from our extended family. Her presence in our life is reminder that God’s family can be just like our family.

A woman in our church many years ago is a close friend and confidante to me now. Far enough from our ministry here, with her own heart for ministry, her listening ears and application of God’s Word through wisdom has strengthened me to understand many things about life. Her spiritual mothering has blessed my heart.

My best friends, two different ladies I know, have encouraged me through sharing their lives and their experiences with me. They have been there to walk beside me in the highest and lowest of times, providing loving comfort in their own unique ways. They have each made their mark by their tenderness and faithfulness.

Those women are only a few of the hundreds that have made a mark on my life for the good. I know that God has used the bad in many circumstances to help change and make these ladies who they are and what I needed over either a long or short period in my life. I thank God for the kind of godly women who will allow God to lead them to minister to others and put themselves to the side to love without distraction or reserve. It is people like them that have allowed Mother’s Day to be a lovely celebration of wonderful women in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day from The Ministry Mama to you!