Healing From Deep Ministry Hurts

As burns may happen in real-life situations, there is a healing process that must occur in order for the wound to be regenerated. This article speaks of the healing that must occur in order to be able to take those steps to get beyond the burns you may have experienced in ministry. Galatians gives us a good example of how God wants us to heal… now go take a read!

The Ministry Mama


The first article I posted in this mini-series was about our visit to a hidden lake in the mountains of Colorado called Burned By Deep Ministry Hurts. As we drove up to the Trapper’s Lake area there were burned trees from a previous year’s forest fire, they stuck up like toothpicks, monuments of life now hurt and dead. Being burned in ministry can leave us feeling dead like that forest, with little hope of new life.

Burns in the ministry are caused by traumatic experiences that deeply wound you by a person or people within your church, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or a member of the community or family that has sought to do you harm.

These fires from others can be directly aimed at you publicly by fiery darts or they can be like arson, hidden fires built in secret, only to be discovered when the troubles…

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