A Letter to New Parents

God placed this letter on my heart as I was writing my husband’s cousin as they awaited the special arrival of their first boy. I always like to write letters of encouragement or advice for weddings and new babies. I like to include Biblical advice to look to God in every aspect of marriage and parenting.

It is so easy to get distracted as new parents, but our goal as parents should always be to raise our children for the Lord and have them around His Word enough so they can accept Him as their Saviour as early as God first starts speaking to their hearts. It is not wrong to simply remind parents of this responsibility.

I would encourage you as ministry wives to include a special God-centered note with your baby gifts, it may make a world of difference!

Dear New Parents,

We want to cheer right along with you at the wonderful event you are about to experience: Parenthood and the birth of a new life! Wow, isn’t God good? It is a rush of emotion seeing your little one for the first time and knowing the awesome responsibility that lies before you to raise and prepare them for adulthood and life.

I wanted to take a few moments and encourage you to never forget to raise your child(ren) for the Lord. When we look at the world around us and all of the changes taking places it can be such a scary thing to wonder what type of world your child will be living in by the time they reach the teenage years and beyond.

Raise them to love the Lord and hold His Word close to their heart. If you want your child(ren) to know Jesus as their Saviour then surround them with church, true examples of Christian living, a godly marriage, and a home that has an atmosphere of heaven. Train and discipline them using Bible principles and look at how God lovingly deals with His children.

One of the greatest gifts we, as parents, will ever know, is the joy of when your children accept Christ as their Saviour, because not only will they be family here on earth, but for eternity. And when they get saved, God becomes their Heavenly Father, and He fills in the gaps of parenting that you cannot always fill.

I hope you will allow God to guide you, listen when He leads you do things you wouldn’t normally do, and change the things you should not do. In parenting God shows you your need for Him as well as the blessings He provides in your life. Don’t be afraid to ask Him for help and pray every moment you need assistance, especially in the early part of their life when you are so tired and they are so needy.

You have so much joy ahead of you! Walk with God each step of the way, for He will never leave you or forsake you.

With much love,

The Ministry Mama