25 Things About Ministry I Didn’t Learn in Bible College

I was reading a book about 25 things a pastor did not learn in seminary… but the book was good in many ways but lacked in many ways regarding likeness in faith and practice and  Biblical ministry philosophy. So, I’m not going to do a book review as planned, but share with you all a list of 25 things I didn’t learn in Bible College! Some of these things are funny, some serious, just read and maybe you’ll find some similarities between us.

25 Things About Ministry I Didn’t Learn in Bible College

  1. How to make church flower arrangements. I learned floral work from my grandmother that worked as a florist for 15 years.
  2. How to talk to women and teen girls about immodesty. Uh… Awkward.
  3. How to entertain your children when you spend hours at the church.
  4. How to be a supportive Sunday School helper. For me it’s easy to teach, but much harder to sit back and let someone else be the leader without taking the reins away from them.
  5. How to plan 20 different activities for the preschool through Kindergarten age group when you’re teaching Sunday School or Junior Church. These kids get bored fast and the class always goes faster than planned! I’ll have no boredom on my watch.
  6. The how-to’s of delegation.
  7. Saying “no” nicely.
  8. Secretary skills. This was something I learned when I was hired as a church secretary.
  9. Developing a working visitation ministry. Also something I learned to do as a church secretary.
  10. When it is the right time to “sit on the ministry bench” for certain times of your children’s lives. Being pregnant, having a newborn, having a toddler, our son’s asthma, have all been reasons I have had to stop performing in certain areas of ministry.
  11. How to be an aggressive planner and organizer. College is a learning process, but planning for home, meals, ministry activities, and self can be a little overwhelming when you transition to single life planning to family ministry planning.
  12. The time and effort involved in organizing and leading a children’s Christmas play. I only helped do this once, and it was a lot of work for the lady that put our Christmas play all together.
  13. The quick turnover rate there is among visitors and members within a church.
  14. What to do when nursery workers consistently skip their duties.
  15. The importance and how-to of maintaining ministry friendships.
  16. Loving and respecting your pastor even with all of his faults.
  17. Maintaining the unique dynamic between yourself and fellow staff families.
  18. The value of sticky tack!
  19. Great meals for lunch and evening on Sunday. This is so hard because you leave in the morning, eat lunch, take a nap/rest, get up and go back to the church early for choir or other responsibilities, then service, then home again. Where do you fit in the evening meal?
  20. That church work allows you to work in so many areas of ministry. Every church need is a ministry of some sort.
  21. How to use a roaster. Okay, so no previous experience for me with this one…
  22. The know-how of setting up a church anniversary celebration. Is it like a banquet or a birthday party? or a little something in between? Other ladies have taught me how to celebrate God’s gift of the church and it’s important yearly anniversary.
  23. How to deal with the weirdos! Eek! They’re in every church. You know it’s true… you’re thinking of someone in your church right now, aren’t you? Ha ha! Here’s some good advice, smile and back up slowly and look for your exit and bolt! No really, I’m only kidding.
  24. That all day on some Sundays you may be so busy serving in nursery, preparing for a meal, or taking care of the needs of others that you will be unable to be a part of the church service.
  25. And last but not least; The blessings that would come from serving God with every day and moment of our lives!

Obviously Bible College can not replace good old experience. I did learn some wonderful things and was very thankful for the specific classes that were geared toward women’s ministry where I went to school. I have files of notes and helps on many other areas that have been useful to me. And many of these things I did not learn will, Lord willing, become future articles and how-to instructions that I will be able to share with you all in the future.

I hope you have a happy day!