10 Great Games for Deputation

♪  ♫ On the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again… ♪ ♫ Do most missionary families  on deputation sing this song? Okay, maybe they do not sing the Willie Nelson song and maybe they really have moments where they do NOT want to get on the road again. That is why I have come up with a list of 10 Great Games for Deputation.

Some of these games are games that we have played as a family on our own road-trips, and some of these came highly recommended for travel games. You’re sure to bring a smile to a family’s face if you give them a game or two listed here. Everybody knows that being months on the road can give even the most Christian mothers and fathers the feeling of slamming their forehead into the steering wheel when the kids are fighting and tired of playing slug-bug.

These games were also chosen because most of them are travel size, small enough to fit into a vehicle without taking too much space. Space is always an issue when you’re traveling and when we give gifts to a missionary family we never want to give something that is going to be an over-sized burden.

Now let’s get to the fun part and take a look at these fun games for families on deputation (and furlough too).

Deputations Games 2

Top row, left to right.

  • Melissa & Doug’s Hangman – In this game of hangman you don’t have to keep up with which letters you have used and those you haven’t. You simply flip over the letter once it’s used. AND then you flip over the hangman’s body parts when someone guesses wrong also. The white section on the bottom is designed for writing with your handy-dandy dry erase marker the blanks for your secret word. This simply will slide beneath a seat or into a seat pocket.
  • Melissa & Doug’s License Plate Game – This game has easy flip license plates that stay securely on with tight bands, so there is no losing small pieces in the car. When you see a state license plate then you can quickly flip it over. This game is great for ages 5 and up.
  • Pass the Pigs by Winning Moves – Roll 2 cute little rubbery pigs and the way they land determines how many points you receive or LOSE! This game is like Yahtzee because you are trying to get your pigs to land certain ways to earn all the points you can. The pigs, pencil, and score pad fit nicely into the little container provided and will slip easily into a purse or backpack. Use a cookie sheet or other flat surface and you’ll have a oinking fun time!

Bottom row, left to right.

  • Loaded Questions: On the Go Version – This is a questions game where you ask people in your car all sorts of questions and get to know even your closest family member better. You can use the papers and pencils and pass them around the car by following the instructions or you can leave them in the box and just ask each other the fun questions. With 200 questions in the box, it is loaded with laughs! Recommended for ages 8 and up.
  • Spot It – On the Road Version – This game comes with 55 cards in the canister and comes with different ways to play by matching items on the cards or by traveling a Bingo style and looking for objects outside of the car. Many people love that it helps the family stay alert while driving.
  • Rory’s Story Cubes – Roll the dice and the upward pictures become your inspiration for story telling! This would be a great game for 2+ children playing in the back seat and for occupying children in the hotel room. The cube pictures vary and make the storytelling very funny and unique.

Deputations Games 1

  • Pixy Cubes – Kids that like to figure things out would love to play this game! Twist cubes around to match the card patterns, you can play this game alone or play it with up to 4 players, 6 and up.  This game also includes challenge cards for those looking to go the extra mile. This game comes in a sturdy tin that holds all the cubes and the game’s 66 cards. The cubes are not for children 3 or younger.
  • Find It! – A great American-made toy filled with plastic pellets and up to 40 items in each container, Find It is fun for the whole family! It comes with a pad that can be used to check off the items that have been already found. With all the objects contained inside it makes it easy for travel. There are many different versions from a beach theme, a hunter’s theme, zoo, sports, glitz & glamour, and even Veggie Tales, and more! Find It is great for all ages.
  • Mad Gab To Go – This is a hilarious word puzzle type of game, where you sound out words and letter sounds to figure out phrases. Teams can go head to head against each other or you can read the cards to yourself and try to figure them out. The travel set has 240 puzzles. It comes in a plastic carrying case that is small and compact to fit in a tight space easily.
  • IQ Twist – This is a puzzle game that fits in a small box. It has pegs and puzzle pieces and a small brochure that provides 100 different puzzles. By using the diagrams in the brochure that comes in the game you set the pegs into the holes on the board and then fit your puzzle pieces into the rectangle. This is a great brain game for those that love a challenge because each figuration has only one solution, (which is also provided in the brochure). If you or your brainiacs need something to keep your mind off of long boring stretches of road, this game is it! This game has small parts that are not for children 3 or under.

Don’t these games look like a TON of FUN!? I love how many of these games give such a variety of styles, also how many of them are great for all ages, and educational to boot!

Always keep your eyes and ears open to being a blessing to your missionaries! Something fun like this might be just what they need to brighten their spirits and keep them happy while traveling so that they can meet their goals of raising their support for the mission field or report to their churches about their mission work.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions for great games while traveling please feel free to e-mail me or make a comment on our Ministry Mamas Facebook page! I may use your suggestions in a future post.