I Like Sin & Combating It with Hebrews

Years ago I saw the saddest bumper sticker. It said “I like sin.” I got to thinking about it though, I think that most people do, they just aren’t bold enough to put a bumper sticker on their car that says it outright.

We watch fellow believers more and more walk down a path toward doing what is right in their own eyes away from Biblical truths and sin. It can be heart wrenching to watch people justify their choices and like it.

What can prevent us from becoming an “I like sin” bumper sticker wearer? Read Hebrews. It speaks of unbelief and hardness of heart causing people to depart from the faith (3:12-19). It mentions slothfulness in spiritual matters (6:10-12). And it refers to those who should be mature believers being spiritual babes unable to handle the strong meat of the Word (5:11-14).

When we begin to shirk from doing hard spiritual things in obedience we have begun to creep away. I think it begins with notwithstanding temptation because Hebrews refers so many times to Christ being tempted, yet without sin (2:17,18; 3:14-16) and His ability to help us.

Hebrews then speaks of the importance of faith (chapter 11), and the damage of faithlessness, provoking others unto good works, and not avoiding church gatherings(10:24-25). Chapters 12 & 13 lead us again to Christ our example who never changes and urges us to push forward in Biblical living and following our spiritual authorities, pleading for people to be restored.

Little things and little thoughts begin to pull people away. Guard your hearts dear friends and get into the Word and live there. Grow in grace and stick to the old paths of Bible living so you won’t become a casualty of accepting sin.