No Jesus AND _______ – You Just Need Jesus

I see a lot of memes, posts, and shirts about “Coffee + Jesus = Great Day!” “All I need is Jesus and Chocolate.” Jesus and donuts, sugar, essential oils, and your favorite Facebook group, friend, and more (!) will help me do this/that to make it through the day.

I’m gonna be a big fat party pooper and just say, “You just need Jesus.” I know sister, how hard it is to feel like a normal human being in the morning, keep the house clean, deal with situation after situation with your kids and your schedule and then add in being a sweet wife, concentrating on your health, or ministry work, fulfilling personal goals, etc. etc. etc. But you don’t need sugar or coffee mixed with Jesus to make your life better when it’s hard. You just need Him. You just need to pray and wait in the moment of prayer for peace.

Unhealthy associations and “needs” for specific things lead to addictions and consuming things upon our lusts. I know all about going to a closet to chomp on a snack and hide from the kids or extra-long bathroom breaks to get a moment of quiet and sanity while taking a scroll through social media. Those moments can be useful to take a breather. The food stuff may make us feel better in the moment (uh–sugar high!), it may be what we like to help bring us happiness. But be careful not to share a wrong type of doctrine or belief in your mind that you NEED Jesus AND something else. No, you need Christ alone. No friend, no sugar rush, or happy smelling oil will wash away your struggles if God is trying to grow you through difficulty.

I heard a sermon once about trials and how if we are always running through the situation trying to get away then we miss the nuggets of wisdom God has for us there. We have so many band-aids in our culture to keep us from really plugging in to being strengthened when life is hard. How many of you feel like sometimes life is just hard every day? Yeah, sometimes I do too.

Yes health needs are real and you should be supporting your body and mind with healthy things and they do effect your overall well-being — your outlook and your thought life. Yes, do things in your day that you enjoy (coffee, tea, diffuser, connecting) but don’t substitute them for Christ. Keep your body and mind in subjection so you can be in obedient unity with the Holy Spirit when those wild moments of life happen to you and He speaks. You don’t have to be a slave to the ideaology of Jesus AND ______.

Just Jesus, that’s all.

His grace is sufficient. His Word is undeniably relevant to every day living. His shoulder big enough for tears and ear sensitive enough to your heart’s desires and complaints. His love deep enough to sustain you. He is the bread, the honey, the sweet smell, the beautiful song, the love that reaches around and holds you close. HE is enough!