Heavenly Hospitality Part 2


Today Heavenly Hospitality Part 2 will be on youngwifesguide.com. This is the second article I have written about hospitality where we look at God’s heavenly home and how He is hospitable there.

Heavenly Hospitality Pt 2

In this article it teaches about the aspects of having visitors in your home. Looking at the meal, the atmosphere, and the service of hospitality to your visitors. The Bible gives us glimpses of each of these aspects and there is plenty that we can apply to our hospitality to make it heavenly.

I am so blessed to be able to be a contributing writer to the Young Wife’s Guide. If you go and read the article, then take a look around, they share recipes, natural helps, and marriage and wifey type tips.

If you are interested in viewing Heavenly Hospitality Part 1, then click here. It teaches about the home, the invitation, and the preparations.

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