Dear Children Series: Love Letters from Mama

Love Letters From Mama

Have you ever loved someone so much that you want to scream from mountain tops and in the streets and tell everyone you meet, friends and strangers alike how much you love them!? I love my husband, he is wonderful, he is who God made me to be one with, I LOVE HIM! And I love my children!

Some nights before bed I write in a journal, that my mother gave me. It is blue with yellow and orange sunshines with smiling faces on the cover. It is rather cheesy looking but it was the empty book I needed to begin writing my memories to the kids. I write to each child individually and then sometimes when I want to share a life lesson I begin the letter with “Dear Children.” That has inspired the Dear Children Series that I am sharing with you today.

These letters are my outward screams into the world of how much I love them, how I want them to learn from my life’s successes and failures. It is a venue in which I can share lessons about life I want to teach them. The children are young and do not understand everything I want to teach them just yet but some day I hope they grow to read the letters and appreciate them.

I am a little morbid at times and I think, “If something ever happens to me how will my children know that I love them?” If they have a journal they can read and learn about funny things they did as children and stories about our every day life then they will know because I wrote it down for them that it was valuable to me. Then they never have to worry or doubt my love. I can speak to them from the pages. They will be love letters from Mama.

Here are a couple of letters to start off the series.

My hope for you all is that you love one another your whole life. That you will not fight or hate one another, but rather fight FOR each other. The relationship you have is given to you by God. I hope your childhood and Christian upbringing will unite you and keep you glued together.

So many families are broken to pieces and siblings hurt each other through angry and jealous words. I hope and pray that for generations God will speak and move you to do His work. I never want you to violate each other’s relationship because you take each other for granted and are unthankful.

Love one another and do good.

Love you,

God has been working in my heart about my joyfulness, that it might be a light to your souls that makes you feel loved and welcome in our home. That my eye might not be so critical but loving and full of brightness as you enter the room.

God is showing me the importance of simplicity in the home so that we do not have to constantly be focused on clutter and messes. I may not always be a good example of joy because my bent is to take care of “things” and do things alone.

The Bible makes a comment that the barren woman becomes the joyful mother of children. This was pointed out in a book I was reading by Elizabeth George called A Woman After God’s Own Heart. May the Lord help me to learn to be full of the joy of my salvation that I might minister to you in the right spirit.

Writing for my children has helped me at the end of some days write down the great moments when it may feel like chaos has reigned supreme for 12 hours straight.

I encourage you to write things down for your children on a regular basis. It will bring your heart great delight because you can see how God is working in your family and how your children are growing. I even write little notes to my husband in this book. I figure some time I will share what is inside to surprise him… but not yet!

I hope that you will follow us thorough the Dear Children Series: Love Letters from Mama and that it will give you ideas on how to bless your children through the gift of writing.


The Ministry Mama