Merry Christmas Friends!

Merry Christmas Ministry Mama followers and friends. I hope you’re able to spend some time thinking of the miracle that Christ was on the first “Christmas.”

I love thinking of the special name of Christ: Emmanuel, God WITH us! Jesus didn’t stay up in heaven, although present and actively involved in Creation, lofty and high above this world and its inhabitants. He was a gift from God the Father and then in His life He acted out the pure and wonderful plan of dying for each person every lived, past and present’s sins.

The story could not be better written as a work of fiction and is true in its entirety. The characters were real and not once ounce of its account in the books of Matthew and Luke are works of imagination. Mary was genuinely approached by the angel to tell her of the news of the miraculous overshadowing of the Holy Spirit. Joseph’s personal integrity was sincere and his own experience with the angel confirming that the baby was, in fact, the Messiah. The poor and humble birth in a stable filled with animals, dirt, and hay, a couple who may have never helped deliver a baby before. Amazing light shining down from heaven from the sky down upon the fields and shepherds below announcing “Glory to God in the Highest, Peace and goodwill toward men…” Each part of the story is a miracle, a magnificent birth announcement of Hope fulfilled in the flesh.

If God the Father’s efforts of showing how wonderful it was that His Son was born, then we must compelled to make room in our hearts for Him too. We should kneel in adoration that the tiny baby’s hands that held the finger of a sweet mother were outstretched and held him on that cross. This story itself proves God loves life in the womb, sweet babies, young parents, and has a plan for each and every one of us. There’s no doubt about it!

If we are in low places and the only glimmer of hopes are miniature dots of lights from our perspective, God the Father is still at work. It took  Christ is still abiding in and through the believer, and the Holy Spirit is present doing His part to help us keep our hearts and lives right with God. You don’t have to love the life you’re living, just love the Lord of life. Praise Him. Worship Him. Make His deeds known among the people (Psalm 105:1).

Just typing that all out gives me chills of excitement! It was real. Christ is real, He is really sitting on the right side of the Father waiting to come for us who are believers, and it could be at any moment! Let’s bow in thankful adoration that He came that day long ago and love the remembrance of His birth as a fulfilled promise that is confirmation of future promises yet to be fulfilled.

Merry Christmas to you from my family and I!


What We’re Doing for Christmas This Year

Christmas, our family chooses to celebrate it! This year it has come to my attention that many Christian families choose not to celebrate it at all for many reasons such as it not really being the season of the year that Christ was probably born or it being a time of year that many people lust selfishly for gifts. I believe Romans 14 gives us an allowance as Christians to celebrate specific days differently than other brothers and sisters in Christ without it being wrong if we are doing it in faith-Read it! (This may be something I write about in a future post.)

We will still choose to celebrate Christ’s birth to this earth and show our children the wonderful gift of God and teach them the Biblical emphasis of gifts are to be given rather than received. It is the time of year when people are often open to the gospel and we can share the gift God gave us of His only begotten Son with more ease than other seasons of the year.

As many of you know we are living with my in-laws so our celebration is a little different from our usual “just us” routine. We will be with my husband’s family for the first time at Christmas in the eleven years we have been married. We are getting introduced to their traditions and routines while still trying to incorporate ours.

Gloria: A Christmas Hymn Study. 92-pages of history, scripture and fun!For Christmas devotions we are using the Gloria: A Christmas Hymn Study by Not Consumed. I received it as a free download and thought it would be a great addition to our school days. We are still trying to catch up on our homeschooling after our move so we are still working through our school work and having these devotions in the morning have been a blessing. We have used Not Consumed’s When I Survey Hymn Study in our Resurrection Week activities and really liked how it focuses on the words of the hymns and teaches the meanings of how scripture intertwines in the depth of the hymn writer’s lyrics.

For fun I purchased our first Little People Nativity for our daughters on eBay. Word to the wise, make sure you have all the pieces in the set that you buy because I did not even notice Jesus was not included in the one I bought. Thankfully though there was a baby Jesus listed and we finally completed our set! This keeps our girls thinking of the Christmas story during their playtime and can be something we keep until our newest addition grows up and plays with it.

I also purchased a board game called Back to Bethlehem, created by a homeschool Christian dad who wanted to make learning about the birth of the Saviour memorable with his own family. We played it for the first time when I went to watch a friend’s children one evening and it was a lot of fun! We laughed at oinking out a Christmas song, the person that was able to sit on another player’s lap, and was able to learn new things about each other while answering the campfire conversation cards.

Royal Baby Shower 2

We are going to have a Royal Baby Shower with our children on Christmas morning. We decided to choose a local church planter and their new baby church that was started in November and buy gifts for their nursery. Since their church is located in an elementary school we bought a big tub to put all of our toys in so it would be easy to move and to store. This is the part where we’re really focusing on giving to the Lord, something for use for His work. Together the kids and I wrapped the gifts and the plan is to take it to the church planter’s home and make a big deal about how special it is to give to the Lord.

Brownie mix + strawberry cake mix + vanilla icing (Black for all of our sin, covered by the blood -red, and cleansed by the Saviour - white):

We decided to work on singing a special song about Christ for our extended family gathering as a gift for them. My husband’s father will play the piano for us and we will sing with our children. The rest of the day will be spent with our family enjoying the gift of each other.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and are able to think upon the remembrance of the beautiful gift of salvation God gave to us when He sent His only begotten Son!

*The idea for the cupcakes from a pin that I found on Pinterest but the link to the original webpage is now unavailable. Click on the photo to go to the pin on Pinterest.

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Christmas Ladies Meeting Ideas

Christmas Ladies Meeting Ideas

I have compiled a list of Christmas Ladies Meeting Ideas for you to be able to quickly and easily have a resource. You can make your Christmas Ladies Meeting fun and full of meaning surrounding Christ’s birth.

Christmas Ladies Meeting Ideas

  • Host the meeting in someone’s home to give your meeting a warmer feeling.
  • Have a Progressive Dinner and rotate between 3 houses.
  • Bake cookies together to give out in the community or to special people in the church.
  • Have an apron sewing party to send to missionary wives or other ministry wives as a Christmas gift.
  • Consider doing a Baby Shower for Jesus and have ladies bring gifts to help restock your nursery or toddler class with new toys, books, blankets, etc. OR sponsor a new church planter and give toward their nursery needs. See my Baby Shower for Jesus Pinterest board.
  • Do crafts, like make wreaths or other gifts to give away to others.
  • Go Christmas caroling to families or elderly people in your church.

Gift Exchange Ideas

  • Coffee Mugs
  • Socks – Christmas socks, warm & fuzzy socks, silly socks
  • Christmas Ornaments – nice ornaments or even consider doing an ugly Christmas ornament exchange
  • Homemade Cookies or Bread
  • White Elephant
  • Christ-Centered Christmas Cards
  • Do a Christmas Secret Sister exchange – like Secret Santa. Draw names prior to the meeting and buy a gift for that person and bring it to the ladies meeting.

Gift Exchange Games/Poems

Fun Game Ideas

Food Ideas

  • Hot Chocolate Bar (view my Pinterest board here)
  • Finger foods & Mini Desserts
  • Soup and Sandwiches include crackers, cheese, and cornbread
  • Red & Green Foods (salads, jell-o, fruits, desserts, etc.)
  • Peppermint Goodies (Think peppermint brownies, hot chocolate, patties, and almond bark)
  • Chili Bar

 Devotion Ideas from the Christmas Story

  • The angels giving glory to God – Our main purpose in this life is to give glory to God also.
  • Mary’s humility when approached by the angel and throughout Christ’s lifetime she is always watching and waiting.
  • Joseph’s viewpoint – Faith in the impossible.
  • Shepherds view a miraculous sight – are you seeing the miracles of God in your life?
  • The shepherds left the stable that night and spread the news about the Saviour’s birth. – Are you sharing as excitedly as the shepherds did that night?
  • The Son of God was born in a stable, and was born to die. – We should also lower ourselves to serve and sacrifice for the one who gave Himself for us.
  • The star shining its light to bring the wise men to Christ. – The light of God should shine through us to bring people to Christ just the same.

I also have two other Christmas Pinterest boards if you are interested in viewing them.

Christmas Ooo La La   and   Birthday Party for Jesus

 I pray that you will come up with some quick ideas here and be able to use them. If you have something that will benefit this list, then please share them with me. Send me an e-mail through the contact page!