Listening to God’s Notifications

Listening to God's NotificationsNotifications announce or alert you to bring your attention to something. A comment on a photo or a reply to a status update gains your attention if you’re a Facebooker like I am. Notifications in the mail for late bills or upcoming events help you make a conscious decision for action, to pay the bill or to mark the event on your calendar. E-mails notify of deadlines for projects or sales events. Texts dings let you know someone has sent you an “important” message on your cellphone. In child language tattling is its own immature notification. A dog barking creates its own alert to pay attention for an unknown person nearby.

Does God send you daily notifications?

He speaks to me regularly and reminds me often of things He wants me to know or remember. The Holy Spirit is God’s notifier since He lives in the heart of the believer.

One day I kept track of a number of the notifications God gave me…

Baby crying – “You were once like this and your family loved you.”

Child tattling – “Do all things without murmurings and disputings yourself (Philippians 2:14).”

Correcting child’s behavior – “Are you listening to what I have corrected you about?”

Making another meal – “All you have needed I have provided.”

Teaching household skills to our children one more time – “Build them for me in character and skills so I can use them.”

Interruption of our daily routine by baby – “People are more important, they are who I died for.”

Child arguing – “Did you notice your child is selfish just like you? You argued in front of them last night.”

Inappropriate commercial – “Guard your eyes and heart, not just the children’s and change the channel!”

Hearing how God blessed someone else – “You can be happy for them and thankful I answer their prayers too. Don’t be jealous, your time will come.”

Laughter and silly giggling – “This is joy, loving the people and family I gave you.”

Witnessing child making a good choice – “All the hard work you do can produce good and godly results.”

Violation of my rights – “A servant serves no matter how they are treated. Christ was reviled and reviled not again. (I Peter 2:23)”

You might argue that those were conversations I had with myself or it was my conscience but I am confident that in God’s still small voice He spoke to my heart in these instances. Some of them as encouragement, some to alert me of my own bad attitudes and sinful behavior, some to help me rejoice in seeing Him working in my life even in little ways.

Pay attention, God is always speaking in His still small voice if you are listening. What will He notify you of today? Love that He speaks to you as His child and respond to how He speaks in obedience.