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I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, Ruth Ann Larkly, the writer of a great series of Bible studies that we will be giving away on Thursday, November 20th. She is a pastor’s wife in the state of Arizona and has been married for 9 years to her husband, Tim. They  have 4 beautiful platinum blond children.


Ruth Ann and I at her home in Arizona

Ruth Ann and I had a small connection when my husband interned for her future husband, Tim, who was already pastoring before they were married. We met for the first time in September and she made me feel as if we have been long-time friends.

These Bible studies are a result of God working in her heart through many circumstances. The first book, was born out of a thesis written to obtain a Master’s Degree at her local college. Then, after she completed it she had it bound and sent to her mother and mother-in-law for a Mother’s Day gift. From there, God used that to be able to move her forward. She shared the Bible study with Grace Hardy, an older friend in the ministry, who encouraged her to self-publish her book. Her friend helped her to find proofreaders and the Lord began to work things out for everything to fall in place. She and her husband also tediously have edited and re-edited these books so that you can have quality ladies Bible studies that will benefit your life.

After the end of the first book, she felt as though the Lord closed that door of writing, but only temporarily until He began stirring a new set of ideas and thoughts in her heart. She has gone through the process of writing each book in much of the same way, when the Lord works in her heart she writes a new one and Lord willing, there will be more!

Ruth Ann is a woman of vision that believes there are more ladies out there that can write what the Lord has put on their hearts and who should put them into book form. She hopes that one day the Lord will help her be able to organize a writer’s conference for those who are called to write but are not sure how to go about getting their information into book form. Tim, her husband, has formatted her books and can offer great insight for getting a book self-published. “Not many books are written in our Christian circle unless someone has connections with a church that has a printing ministry,” she said. She hopes that can change for the sake of the Lord’s work.

family thanksgiving

The Larkly Family

In listening to her discuss the time when she received her first order of books and decided to send them to 80 women in her life. She sent out a group of books at a time with personal letters and then waited for their responses. When she finally heard from them, she was relieved that many women provided lots of positive feedback. Ruth Ann feared when people she knew in the past heard that she had become a Christian writer, that she would not be taken seriously. It concerned her that with some of the mistakes she had made in her past, that it would prevent people from understanding how she has grown in her walk with the Lord. But she has not allowed those fears to hold her back, but has decided to step out in faith each time she published a book.

Her first book is, Your Faith Affects Your Family, that covers Biblical women’s lives like Samson’s wife, Lot’s Wife, Miriam, and 9 more. The second is, Your Faith Affects Your Family Volume Two, includes 12 chapters and women like Hannah, Mary, and Jezebel. Her third book  is, Your Family’s Faith Affects Other Families. Each of these Bible studies are written specifically for women. They have very easy to read chapters, that have scripture, great explanations, and end the chapter with a section called “Our Personal Prayer,” and “Questions to Consider.” If you have ever read through a Regular Baptist Press ladies Bible study book, then these books have a very similar format that can be easy for personal or group use.

Here are some personal testimonies from ladies that have read her book(s):

  •  “Walking readers through the lives of timeless Bible characters supported by the references from the KJV Bible, this book draws our eyes to the Heavenly Father. The author does a good job of guiding readers through personal introspection, personal research and Bible study, and offers insightful application in a simple and easy-to-follow manner. This book has been a blessing to me personally, and I look forward to its encouraging influence on others, as well.”
  • “This is an amazing women’s devotional of the life of and role of women in the Bible and how they interacted or effected their family.  This is a great eye-opening devotional for women; it convicted me on what God has called us to be and how He wants us to glorify Him through the way we live our lives.”
  • “Ruth Ann’s unique biblical insights into women of the Bible will be a source of enlightenment and encouragement. As you read it, you will be challenged to examine your own heart to see how your faith affects your family. I am thrilled to recommend it.”
  • “This book was very specific on different women in the Bible and how their faith affected their different families in good ways and in bad ways as well.  I appreciated that Mrs. Larkly took the time to discuss the things that were wrong and the things that were right in these women’s lives.  Each account seemed  to have different lessons to take away from.”

The great thing I believe is not only the content of the books, but the cost. Each book is $8 and if you purchase the set of all 3 books, she will give you a bundled price of $20 (plus shipping). You can purchase her books by following this link and contacting her on her Facebook page.

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Want to know more about the Larkly family? Follow Ruth Ann as she writes at her “Happy as a Larkly” blog.


The winner of Ruth Ann’s bundle of 3 books will be notified on Friday, November 21st.