Where Have The Older Women Gone?

Hello All!

I’ve taken a break in my regular blogging schedule for a while, I’m not sure how long this break will last but for now we are adjusting to our back-to-school-homeschool routine. I hope you will be understanding that my desired schedule did not work out quite as I had planned, so I am trying to be flexible under the circumstances. I am still planning and writing, I just don’t know when I will get the green light from the Lord to go again like before.

As a young wife I have had some times when I really had a yearning in my heart and a great need for an older woman’s advice and help with some situations in my life. Sometimes God had the right people in my life that I felt comfortable talking to and find help, comfort and answers. Other times I would look around intimidated unsure of whom to ask or how to approach an older woman about the challenges I was facing because basically no one seemed available. I struggled through some rough times but God really used those times to burden my heart to want to be a blessing to other women, especially other women in ministry.

Recently while reading a magazine article the mallet hit the gong and “bwonnggg” it hit me that the same reasons in the article for younger women not finding older women to help mentor them in the workplace may have been some of the reasons why I was unable at times to find an older woman to talk to and help me.

I hope you’ll go over to the Young Wife’s Guide and read my article, “Where Have The Older Women Gone?”

I have written a compelling letter to older women about why they should still be seeking others to be a blessing to. God instructs in Titus 2 that the older women teach the younger women about life, marriage, and godliness. I admit some of us younger women need more help than others, growing gracefully and adjusting to the changes of marriage and mamahood. If you’ve walked that road and God has helped you learn valuable lessons, pass it on…it will never hurt to give God the glory for the wisdom He’s given you.


Until I post again, keep on keeping on and walk hand in hand with God as He shows you the areas to serve Him. Don’t neglect your family, live in the Word, and speak the truth in love!