More Birthday Wishes!

Husband's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my darling husband! I say darling, because the word, when found in the Bible means, “my only, as not to be replaced.” My husband is my only, and would never be easily replaced.

He is younger than I am by about 16 months and I am already planning his 30th bash for next year! Happy 29th, Darling!

We have made some snickerdoodle cake pops from The Baking Robot’s recipe. Snickerdoodles are his favorite cookie and the cake pops turned out scrumptious! We have a couple of special gifts on the way, as well as his parents coming in. This will be a special weekend for them. Despite what he may think, they are actually coming to see him for his birthday, not just the grandkids!

I have not written very much about my husband on the blog yet. He is a loyal person with a fun personality. God has certainly put him the ministry that He created him for. As a child he grew up in a very musical family that helped him be prepared for being the music director and choir director in our church. He also had the opportunity to learn how to professionally paint with a man in their church directly after he graduated from high school. This prepared him to be able to paint and help our church go through renovations a couple of years ago. I am amazed also at seeing his personal and spiritual growth since we have been on a regular (non-college, non-night-time-job) schedule! He has really been advancing in leadership, preaching, and teaching children in both Sunday School and our mid-week Bible program. He is an encouragement to me on a regular basis and I pray that I can be the same to him on a daily basis.

God made a special man when He created my husband and I know that He has created a special birthday for him this year!

Happy Happy Birthday!