Birthday Boy

My second son, who I like to call Dos on the blog, turns 6 years old today!

He is a blessing all wrapped up in a great big smile! He is one of the smilingest kids you will ever meet. He has a tender heart and way about him that will melt your heart.

God has created him with an awesome ability to put things together and take things apart. He may be a future mechanic! He also is very artistic and can draw amazing pictures. He has just finished Kindergarten.

Birthday Collage

With my oldest son I guess in some ways I expect him to grow up but then I look at Dos and think, where has the time gone? Our sons are 18 months apart and my oldest wrote him a birthday card that told him that he was his best friend. I know life changes but I really cherish these times where they are close friends. I hope they always stay close.

Dos loves giraffes and was able to have a special birthday cake, well, interesting should really be the way to describe it. My homemade icing really did not want to participate with being spread on the cake, but he was happy, so that’s all that matters!

I know God has special plans for him, like all of our children. I just hope I am the mother he needs to help him get to where God wants him to be. I do not want to stand in the way or discourage him. I hope he follows God when the road is tough and the future seems dark.  I know his smile will encourage many people in his life.

I love you dear boy! Thank you for being a little sweetheart!