Last Week’s Celebrations

We had a great week last week, I just feel impressed that the Lord was working in my heart to put more of an emphasis on His resurrection than we have in the past. We made crafts, had special meals, and crafted some more. Then, on Thursday, we celebrated our oldest daughter’s 3rd birthday. Her nickname is “Tres” for the blog, so you’ll know who I am talking about. I made a new flower arrangements for the church on Friday. Saturday we had our monthly visitation breakfast at church and left flyers for our Resurrection Sunday campaign out on the doors in the nice warm weather. Then, in the afternoon went to a picnic at the park where my forehead was sunburned just in time to look like the Easter sunrise.

This year I did not have to run around for outfits because we already had been given matching dresses for the girls and the boys had little sweater vest suits to wear that matched. Yes, my boys, 7 & almost 6 still like to match and I hope that lasts for a long time! Hah, I’m a bit of the corny matching mom here.

Sunday was busy for everyone as usual, and we were able to share our afternoon at our pastor’s house with his daughter and granddaughter. By the time we got home that afternoon we crashed and burned and then had to peel the kids off their beds so we could plop them in the car and drive back to church. Then I was in the nursery that night so it really did not feel like Resurrection Sunday at all.

I was glad that I was able to talk about it with the kids in doing the crafts with them and really make the week special because Sunday did not feel like it. If I had tried to cram all of my good intentions in on everyone on Sunday then it would not have worked out to be as meaningful.

When I moved away from my family my grandmother told me that I would have to create new traditions for my family since we would not be living around family during the holidays. I have tried out different things each year for different holidays and want to continue making this week fun and exciting, just as exciting as Christmas, if not more so. We may actually make this week our Spring Break next year.

So, now for a cute picture of my little birthday girl. Tres is in the question phase of life and learning so much. She is learning to phrase her personal pronouns correctly and becoming the boss. She is a wonderful helper and blessing to me already. Since our baby was born over a year ago she has been one step ahead of me, sometimes to her own fault, being a help to me by getting diapers, clothes, and anything her sister needs. She has been singing “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus” for a few weeks now, only repeating that same phrase over and over. She is an exciting person to be around when she is not whining, but aren’t we all!? This photo is a little dark but it captures her happy day. She is truly a gift sent from the Lord!

Aurora's 3rd birthday