Goals for this Blog

This is a great day! Not only is it my first time to get on and blog it’s my little sister’s birthday. She is much younger than I am, 6 years to be exact, and a little Mama herself. God answered prayers while she was in my mother’s womb with what they expected to be spina-bifida, which typically results in a handicap of not being able to use your legs. She was born with a nerve on the end of her tailbone that was not attached and skin grown over it that was removed the same week she was born. She is a walking miracle with only a scar to prove God’s handiwork in healing and protecting her!

There are several goals that I have with this website. Since I am The Ministry Mama then my goals are to deal with:
1. Being in the Ministry with my husband.
2. Being a Mama of children who are also in the ministry beside us.
3. Teaching you the lessons God is teaching me in being a wife, mother, and in the ministry.

I hope you will grow alongside me and gain some wisdom in dealing with life. My heart is toward other women in the ministry because the balance of home and ministry often get off kilter and we struggle to know how to relate to people while trying to maintain our relationship with God.

In just getting started my goal is to update once a week so that my blog does not take away from my duties in taking care of our home.

My mind is full of ideas on how to help you organize your church kitchen, your church flowers, how to host a Senior luncheon, etiquette children should show to church members, capturing your child’s heart, loving your man even though he has faults, and allowing God to work through the rough patches.

Thank you for joining the ride! So let’s yeehaw down this ministry life together ladies!