Sunday Morning Make-Ahead Breakfasts

One way to make your Sunday morning easier is to make breakfast ahead of time. Invest some time on Saturday or earlier in the week into preparing your family a healthy or more filling breakfast for Sunday. You can choose to make a breakfast casserole and pop it into the oven when you wake up, fix something up in the Crock-pot overnight, or have some hearty foods frozen in your freezer. You will make for a happier husband, kids, and self if you’re filling up your tank on a day that we all know requires more energy than any other day of the week.

Sunday Morning Make Ahead Breakfast Ideas

Numerous ministry families rob themselves of the proper nutrients their bodies need and run on empty stomachs to face a busy schedule of service because they do not take time to eat on Sunday morning. You can help your family prepare for the ministry race by planning and preparing before the race begins. Just as you would plan for a Sunday afternoon meal, make breakfast a priority too!

I used to hand my children cups of cereal Sunday mornings and feel so guilty for the extra sugar they were having but it wasn’t just sugar, they were going without protein. After church ended I would be frustrated because they were begging to eat candy before we could get into our van and get home for lunch. (Okay, that’s kids but you get my drift…) They were starving because our breakfasts were only carbohydrates. They burned those sugars when they were excited to see their friends and singing at the top of their lungs in Junior Church! Experience has taught me if our kids have a heartier breakfast they do better at listening in their Sunday School classes and being a blessing to those around them.

Now, imagine how your husband serves without any energy to go on: doing busy tasks, dealing with unexpected situations, even diving deep into counseling situations. Sundays for a pastor have been said to be as hard on a man as a full-time work week with the burdens they carry on top of the physical job of preaching, teaching, and ministering.

If your husband has eaten healthy filling foods on Sunday mornings (and before all other services) he will be more prone to act in the spirit not the flesh.

We all know hungry men can be bears. A good breakfast can curb the bear and make him bear-able to be around.  Note: There are husbands do not like to eat before preaching and I understand it helps with nerves or is similar to fasting, but be sure to have good foods available if and when he would want it.

Sunday Morning Breakfast Quote

Ashley, a friend of mine has a breakfast casserole that she makes ahead on Saturday. On Sunday morning while they are getting ready she pops it back in the oven and lets it brown on top and warm up so her family gets a full stomach before they arrive to church. She shared her recipe with us.

Breakfast Casserole


1 bag of frozen hash browns (12 oz.)

1 can of green chilies, mild or spicy (omit if you don’t like green chilies)

12-18 eggs

1 lb. of cooked breakfast meat (sausage, bacon, or ham)

1/2-1 lb. of shredded cheese, depends on how cheesy you like it

Add salt and pepper to your taste.

How To:

Spray the inside of your baking pan (glass or metal) with oil.

Add hash browns to your pan, then add your meat mixture on top.

Beat your eggs in a separate bowl, then mix in green chilies.

Pour eggs into the pan. You might need to shift your pan back and forth to have the eggs settle between the hash browns.

Sprinkle your cheese on top.

Bake at 400  about 45 minutes until the eggs are cooked and browned on the edges.

Remove it from the oven when it is set and browned on the edges. Then, let it cool, cover and refrigerate until Sunday morning.
Reheat in the oven while you’re getting ready for about 15-20 minutes at 350. Serve with salsa and warm tortillas for a Southwest flavor or fruit and toast for a filling Sunday morning meal!
More recipe ideas for make-ahead breakfasts for Sunday morning:
Ministry Mamas, give us your ideas!

If you have any breakfast favorites for your busy Sunday morning that are hearty and healthy and even in the “make-ahead” category then please share them with us in the comments.


Sunday School Teacher & Church Bus Worker Valentine’s and More! {Free Printables}

Here are three more sets of free Christian printable Valentine cards – one set for Sunday School teachers (probably for girls classes), and a set almost identical to it for church bus workers, and a set of ocean-themed boys Valentine cards.

I just have not been able to stop making Valentine Cards, when a few more ideas struck me, I ran with it and you get to benefit! Have you seen very many cute Valentine cards specifically for Sunday School teachers or any from bus workers? Me neither… My children, especially our oldest son, Uno, helped me come up with the sayings on the cards. You can obviously tell that I love this kind of stuff! –I would have had these to you sooner but I accidentally posted them as a new page instead of a new post. Rookie mistake!

I have not only been working on this but editing guest posts today from some other writers that will give us some more great content here at The Ministry Mama – one article reviewing a prayer journal and another testimony of a woman who gave up her custom-built home to follow God. Please follow this blog (over in the side bar) to receive these articles straight to your in-box when they are posted.

Please remember these Valentine cards are for personal or church use only. They are not for commercial purposes of any kind. Please remember if you share or post this on your own website to please link it to this page, not the .pdf. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Preview 1

Sunday School Teacher Valentine Cards

Church Bus Worker Valentine Cards

Christian Valentine Cards for Boys – Ocean Theme

Please see the Free Christian Valentine’s Printables page for more!

Credits for the graphics in these Valentine’ s go to these people at the Teachers Pay Teachers online store. Please go check out their products, they have done some great work!

Missy Mooty Russell

A Sketchy Guy

Krista Wallden

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!!

How God Taught Me to Take Time for My Kids ~Guest Post~

Ministry Mamas, I want to share with you a special testimony from a fellow ministry wife and mother named Mindy. She has served in the ministry for 15 years. She now serves beside her husband in the state of Kansas. She and her husband have two beautiful daughters, ages 7 and 10.  Not only is she a busy lady in ministry she suffers from a connective tissue disorder that causes her joints to dislocate and causes discomfort that effects her life daily.

She is busy homeschooling, taking her daughters to therapy (her oldest has Aspergers, and her youngest was blessed with her genes). She also is busy with chores, cleaning the  her home, driving to music lessons, swim therapy, grocery shopping, and helping her husband with secretary projects. All of those things do not include the cuties she has at church! Does any of this sound familiar to you?? I am sure that you can relate in your own way.

She recently had a day in which God showed her some very valuable things through talking with her daughters that I think will touch your heart.

Here is her testimony in her own words:

My oldest daughter was having a hard time focusing on school and had a headache. I sent her upstairs to lay down and came up about ten minutes later to see how she was. I found her sobbing. I asked what was wrong and she began to unload. She was overwhelmed by all that we do every day. She said that life was so hard and that she NEVER got to have fun because she was always “on the go.” She explained she never had time to just play with her toys. I know she is not a selfish girl and that these were real problems and that she seemed extremely overwhelmed.

My 7-year-old was listening and began to cry too. She said that she has a bully in her heart and that she was fighting to keep a right spirit and not be mean to her sister or have a bad attitude. Her exact words were, “Why is life SO hard!?”

Wow! Talk about feeling like a big fat failure! I listened and absorbed what they were saying and was careful not to discount their very raw emotions. My first thought was “they are totally trying to get out of school work.” Then, the Holy Spirit smote my heart and somehow I knew they were really struggling.

The Dilemma

I know I am busy but I never thought that I was over-serving or over-committed. I didn’t know what to say… So, I prayed. I asked God for an “I love you” from Him just for my girls. I don’t want them to grow up and hate the ministry or despise homeschooling.

I Love You’s From God

When my husband got home that day he brought them flowers!! He had NO idea that they had a rough day so it was totally mind-blowing to them. He also took them out to do some errands with him, but before he left he decided to check the mail. In the mailbox was a letter from a visitor to our church that visited a few weeks earlier. She said she was so touched by the sermon and illustration that my husband told about my girls’ answered prayers that she wanted them to have a gift card for them to go shopping. At that point both of our girls burst into tears and began to thank God for the “hug” from heaven.

It is truly amazing the lengths that God will go through to prove Himself to my children! I am thankful for a God that cares enough to reach down and “hug” my two beautiful girls.

6 Lessons from a Busy Ministry Mama

Lessons I Would Like to Share with You

1. Don’t underestimate the pressure your children are under, even when they don’t display signs of stress.  This situation for us came out of no where.
2. Make more time for down time! Sometimes the kitchen floor can wait. Do something fun! Someone once told me, “It is more important to read a book to your child than to have your bed made.”
3. Listen to your children and encourage them to talk to you. Reassure them that they will not get in trouble for telling you they don’t like something or are struggling. You will never know the extent of the trouble they face unless they trust you enough to speak to you about it.
4. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Ladies, we can only do so much. I am not a perfect mom. I am limited to what I can do with them physically but I need to keep them physically and socially healthy. Go easy on yourself. You are only one person and the _______ can probably wait until tomorrow.
5. Do not be so focused on life that you forget those you live with! Sometimes I can be so goal-oriented that I forget that those two duties are running behind me as fast as their little leggies can go. Stop and smile, hug them and hold on for more than 45 seconds (that is when the stress release hormone is released). Tell them you love them several times a day.
6. Pray with them and for them. Pray for God to increase their faith. Remind them that any good thing that they have come from Jesus. When you have a blessing share it with them. If you have a prayer request, share it with them and then when it is answered, tell them about it.

A Final Note from The Ministry Mama

As I read Mindy’s testimony for the first time before approaching her to publish it here on The Ministry Mama, I was touched and convicted. As I reread it for editing purposes, I am touched again and again. She is right when she says that we should not get so busy in life and ministry that we forget those we live with.  I pray that as you may see a bit of yourself and your children in this personal story, that you would be able to also grow from her helpfulness. Mindy breaks it down so simply in easy lessons that we can each carry out into our lives.

If God speaks to you about this, please pray and ask Him now to help you do something specifically from this article today to help keep the lines of communication open between you and your children.

Hugs to you all, you are not alone in feeling too busy, just take time to push “pause” when you need to, and I believe that you can still be one of the greatest influences in your children’s lives!