Getting to Know Me – 32 Tidbits of Fun!

In celebration of my 32nd birthday this week, I thought I would write out some things about myself to help you get to know me, The Ministry Mama, a little better. They’re just tidbits of little quirky information things about myself or things I think about.

As much as I love blowing out candles, I hope you enjoy!

32 Tidbits about The Ministry Mama

1. If I could go anywhere in the world I would visit Uruguay, a country I fell in love with while watching a missionary’s presentation on a living room wall.

2. My greatest writing inspirations come from conversations I have with other ladies about their ministries, questions, and heartaches.

3. Our family loves to visit aquariums.

4. Pinterest is one of my frequent time-wasters.

5. One of the most exciting projects I was a part of was writing a fictional Christian story a few years ago in a summer writing club. The work was never finished but Lord willing, someday it can be picked up again.

6. I am notorious for starting books and never finishing them. Very similar to blog posts, I have 36 unfinished drafts and many more ideas in my head!

7. One of my favorite things about parenthood is reading children’s books I’ve never read before or listening to them on audiobook.

8. My ideal writing space is any quiet place.

9. The one and only pet we have ever had since we have been married is a hedgehog named Herman, that turned out to be a girl! We never could get out of the habit of calling her Herman.

10. My favorite colors are sapphire, lime green, and silver.

11. Turquoise is my favorite color to wear.

12. Summer is my favorite season!

13. I graduated high school with 100 people from a small country school in Texas.

14. My favorite home decoration is my real longhorn skull that hangs on our wall, we call it Bullet because it has a huge bullet hole in the forehead, which is now covered with a medallion. My mother’s friend gave it to her before she gave it to me.

15. Hydrangeas and yellow roses are my favorite flowers.

16. I am a sucker for Masterpiece Classics on PBS.

17. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are one of my weaknesses.

18. Chicken fried steak is another, which is a fancy my mother and I share.

19. I am most self-conscious about my teeth.

20. I prefer hoodies as my most comfortable winter lounge wear.

21. One of my dreams is to have a flower and vegetable garden.

22. Staring out a window helps me think and clear my mind.

23. One of my most embarrassing moments was when my son threw himself down on the floor in a fit in the middle of a large airport when I was 7 months pregnant and trying to pull our luggage.

24. The worst meal I ever made was scrambled eggs in a cast iron skillet in the first few weeks after we were married. Black chunks should not be in your eggs!

25. My way of wearing shoes is finding a pair that I like and wearing them until they are worn out and ready to fall apart, and then going to find another new pair and starting the cycle again.

26. I wish ladies wore stylish hats like they did in the ’20’s.

27. Chips and guacamole are my favorite late night snacks.

28. My hope is to one day record an album either a solo album or with my family.

29. I have a soft spot in my heart for little old people, they make me feel a connection to my grandparents and great-grandparents whom I spent regular time with as a child.

30. Being a bold witness is one of my greatest struggles.

31. Sentimentality and I stick together like glue.

32. God’s love never ceases to amaze me. He always comforts and loves me, showing me in the most special ways. He also always like to challenge me to increase my faith, to which I am very thankful once I am through the circumstances that cause me to live by faith.

33. (One to grow on) I love to create surprises for other people but do not like them for myself. Except for a baby shower my friends gave me for our first son, that was a fun surprise!

So, there you go! Maybe we share some things in common now that you never knew before which makes life exciting.


Dust If You Must!

Summer is crazy sometimes more than the regular months of the year. We should always be using our days off to sit down and unwind and take the opportunity to actually look at our spouse and kids in the face and share some special conversations and time with them. I saw the poem on another blog about a month ago and wanted to share it with you all.

Dust If You Must

Dust if you must.
But wouldn’t it be better,
To paint a picture, or write a letter,
Bake a cake, or plant a seed?
Ponder the difference between want and need.

Dust if you must.
But there is not much time
With rivers to swim and mountains to climb!
Music to hear, and books to read,
Friends to cherish and life to lead.

Dust if you must.
But the world’s out there
With the sun in your eyes,
the wind in your hair,
A flutter of snow, a shower of rain.
This day will not come round again.

Dust if you must.
But bear in mind,
Old age will come and it’s not kind.
And when you go, and go you must,
You, yourself, will make more dust.

– – – written by Mrs. Rose Milligan

Make plans to rest and put aside even the work of the ministry sometimes so that you can enjoy the world and people God placed in your lives. Stop and smell the roses, stop and read your Bible a little bit longer than usual, stop and make that phone call you’ve been putting off. Then you can get back to dusting, ministry, and the busy things!

Resurrection Activities 2013

We have been at work on some fun projects this week. We are taking time out of our schedule to focus on Christ’s death and resurrection. My husband and I have really been thinking about the focus put on Christmas, Christ’s birth being a month long shin dig and then Christ’s Resurrection is crammed into one day. We are renewing our focus and purposing to do more for Easter than we have in the past from now on because His death and resurrection are the icing on the cake for the Christian life.

Now, on to our projects!

The first project was to make a Palm Leaf out of green construction paper, a straw, and some tape. We waved them around after telling the story of Jesus and the people shouting “Hosanna!”

Palm Branch with Straw and Construction Paper

Palm Branch with Straw and Construction Paper

Play-doh Storytelling

Play-doh Storytelling

The second activity we did was I told the kids that if they wanted to play Play-doh they had to make what I made first before they had free play. I created Jesus riding on the donkey and put clothes underneath them as they walked by. I demonstrated how to make the donkey and the Jesus figure and then the other kids were able to see how to make them for themselves. As we molded then we talked about the story and my oldest son, Uno, mentioned that it was only a few days later that they yelled “Crucify Him!” This idea could easily be used as you teach a Sunday School lesson. I explain this here at my sister site.

Paid In Full Handprints

Paid In Full Handprints

The next project was a project I found on Pinterest that was uploaded by one of the users. We altered it a little bit. We made white handprints on black construction paper and waited a long while for them to dry completely. Then, as we were adding the red dot on the center we talked about how Jesus was nailed to the cross. My second son, Dos, said “Awwww” as he painted, and was sad. I told him that Jesus died for us because He loved us, and then it gave me the idea to make the center nail print into a heart.

Sealed Tomb Lacing Activity

Sealed Tomb Lacing Activity

Finally I created a sort of diorama of the tomb of Jesus that is a teaching illustration for my 2 and 3’s Sunday School class that I am helping in. It illustrates how Jesus was sealed in the tomb and I created a pocket on the inside so that you can switch the body of Jesus with an angel and a folded up napkin. I like to create new ways for children to understand and see with their eyes the Bible stories come to life in an interesting way.

I hope to add more of our activities in the coming days when I find my charger for my camera and can plug it in to take more photos… I think I left it at the church! Go figure! I hope you are able to fill your days with Christ-centered and Bible-filled activities, because without Christ’s victory over death and the grave, we could not have the gift of love and eternal life.