Sermon Notes Round-Up for Kids

This week I have done a Sermon Note Round-Up for kids! Sometimes children who grow up in church can get bored with the routine sitting in church listening to long sermons scenario. Having a ready sermon note sheet for your child(ren) may help them to pay attention more to listening to the service. Many of these sheets have various activities printed on the paper besides a note-taking section. Explore the different styles and see what might work best for your child’s age and maturity.

Another idea: Make these sheets available for all the children in your church. They may help children who may be new to the concept of sitting in a regular church service as opposed to being in a regular children’s service during the worship hour, particularly those who may be guests or children who only come to church on Sunday mornings. Don’t be afraid to challenge children to better listen to and incorporate God’s Word in their lives by using a tool like this. It can help them grow spiritually and teach them to sit more attentively in the church service. I can’t promise that a sheet like this won’t be used for passing notes from time to time but I do believe that it can be a resource to direct their focus on the Lord.

Right now I am working on a set of sermon note sheets for missions conferences!! They will be available within the next week or two. I am very excited to be back involved in providing ministry and Christian parents with tools they can use for their families and in their ministries.

Sermon Notes Round-Up for Kids

Free Downloadable Sheets

Non-Readers Printable Listening Pages Mama’s Learning Corner that encourage kids to trace Bible-centered words and other activities: Regular Sunday pages, Christmas, Resurrection Sunday pages.

Amy at Raising Arrows has created Listening Pages for Readers, five different pages for regular Sundays, some different pages for holidays as well. They have a section for notes and a list of common words used in church where the kids can make tally marks when they hear it.

Monica at Living Simply for God has created My Sermon Book for her four children to use at church. She has some different types of activity pages like: Keyword Alphabet & Count, Keyword Scrabble, and Hangman.

Sermon Notes for Kids by Beth Gorden at 123 Homeschool 4 Me has four different types of printable sheets to use.

Church Focus Cards at Cornerstone Confessions are made to print on 3×5 note cards for younger elementary children. Scroll down the page to find the downloadable page.

Kim Sorgius shares the sermon sheets she uses with her children in church as well as her philosophy on why she uses note-taking pages with her children in church at Not Consumed.

Stacey at A Moment in Our World has a very simple sermon note-taking sheet available.

Do Not Depart also has a simple sheet for early elementary level note-taking with a large space to draw a picture and a place for the main idea.

Kyleigh Kite at Becoming Blameless has created four different grade-level sermon sheets for Pre-K to Kindergarten, first and second grade, and third through sixth grade, and a sheet to help make application at home through the week.

Teachers Pay Teachers Downloads

In order to download these (whether free or for purchase) you must have a Teachers Pay Teachers account. It is free and easy to sign-up.

Bible Study and Sermon Notes Bookmark (free) – this has three bookmarks per sheet that can save on paper and ink if you want a concise note-taking sheet. By: Tiffany Crawl

My Sermon Notes for both Girls (hearts) and Boys (stars) for free. By: Courtney McKurley

Sermon Notes for Kids Sheet ($1.00) for 2nd-4th graders. By: Creations by LAckert

KISS (Kids Involved in Studying Scripture) Worship Note Pages (free). 6 pages.  By: Tricks of the Trade

Sermon Notes for Purchase

Jill Connelly has created a Sermon Notes for Kids spiral book that you can find at Truth Steps Publishing. Ages 6-12, 144 pages. There is also a Teen Sermon Notes book and a Creative Sermon Notes for adults.

Integrity Graphics on Etsy has sermon notebooks for kids, both for boys and girls in a spiral notebook that is for an entire year. Cost: $14.99

Recently published is called Busy Books: Sermon Notes, created by an eighteen year old homeschooler and her mother, Madison & Darlene Schacht (The Time-Warp Wife). Cost: $9.99 There are enough pages in the book for 3 services a week throughout the entire year.

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Honoring Your Pastor: Honorary Gift Idea List


This gift idea list is for when you want to do something really special for your pastor. 23 ideas are listed below to help make honoring your pastor a piece of cake! Some of these ideas will take some time and effort but I assure you that it will be well worth the effort you take, if you give generously.

For God loveth a cheerful giver! II Corinthians 9:7b

Show Your Pastor and His Wife You Love Them Every Year

I encourage you to honor them yearly! Know the date in which they came to serve in your church for the first Sunday and even if you do not make a big deal about it every year, it should be recognized and they should be given a token of the church’s appreciation. Their service to you and your church is not only a benefit, it is their calling and it is their work in obedience to the Lord.

Special Times of Recognition

There are extra special times to recognize your pastor and his service. It is not any different from a married couple, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30+ years of serving either in ministry itself or in the ministry of your church in particular. Even when your pastor was a scrawny youth pastor in the dark ages of ministry, it was still service that adds up through the years. Our pastor has served in our church over 30 years now but his total number of ministry years has been over 40. I know when my great-grandfather had served over 50 years in ministry someone arranged for him to receive an honorary doctorate. There may also be other times when you recognize his leadership over completing something like a large building project or recognize his faithfulness through a particularly difficult time in his life or the church’s life.

Honorary Gift Idea List

  • Plaque – don’t get a boring one, find a nice one! We bought an etched blue glass plaque for our pastor that stands on his shelf like the one seen here.
  • Office renovation – does he still have dated wallpaper in his office? Update! It does not have to be a surprise, let him be involved in making changes he likes.
  • New pulpit
  • A Banquet in honor of him and his wife – even if you can’t afford a nice venue, you can still do something great at your church facilities with a little creativity.
  • A church-wide photo taken outside your church and framed – hire someone or use a nice camera propped on top of a church van like we did to get a nice group photo.
  • An updated computer with Bible software – I have heard good things about Logos software if your pastor likes to use the computer for sermon preparation.
  • Memory photo books of the church history and church events. Use someone in your church to scan and organize old church photos into folders on the church computer, then download them onto a website that makes photo books and it will be so much easier to look at them. If you make a copy for your church, get a copy for the pastor and his family too. I recommend Shutterfly because they have great customer service.
  • Video testimonies shown in church services and saved on a DVD for them to watch at their leisure. Videos should be taken weeks in advance so that someone can compile your videos.
  • A special preaching revival in their honor – it might be neat to use their favorite preacher or bring in someone who is significant to them and their ministry.
  • A quilt with pieces provided or signed by the church members and sewn together by ladies in your church to complete the quilt. Okay, so maybe your pastor’s wife would like this more than your pastor would… 🙂
  • Car upgrade – Is your pastor driving a heap of junk? If your church can afford it, it may be a benefit to give him an upgraded vehicle or some money toward a new one.
  • Vacation time with accommodations and spending money provided – if you give them the trip, make sure they go and enjoy it!
  • Engraved pieces from a company like Things Remembered.
  • A new Bible with favorite verses highlighted by the members of the church.
  • A memory or thanks jar filled with slips of paper with memories written on them from members of the church or little messages of thanks.
  • A Staff Take-Over Night – A church in Arizona did this to their pastor, taking over the service, bringing out a recliner into the middle aisle, giving their pastor a “night off,” then their assistant pastor preached a message encouraging their pastor. Just make sure that this type of thing would be okay with your pastor, some personalities might not like it.
  • Bring in a special music group for a Sunday – be sure that the group is someone your pastor likes and the music conforms to your church standards of music. You could also have your choir or a singing group in your song sing a song like, Stand By God’s Man, written by Julia Montoro.
  • A gift card tree – these are always a blessing to help your pastor in a fun way.
  • A love offering – this love offering should be a sincere expression of love, not a cheap token, but may quite be a sacrifice of love from the members. Remember, that your pastor and his family has sacrificed a lot of time and effort on the church’s behalf.
  • New household appliances. Has it been years since he and his wife have been able to buy a new refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, stove, or grill? It would be a pleasant surprise to them to get an upgrade.
  • Contact your local newspaper. They may be interested in running an article on your pastor in the religious section if he has served in the community for a long time. This would be a special way of honoring his dedication and faithfulness.
  • Finally, listen and learn to what his needs or desires are. If they’re in the budget, then give him the desires of his heart!

On the Ministry Mamas Pinterest Pastor Appreciation page there are over 70 pins of all types of ideas for gifts, cakes, and even gift basket to show appreciation toward your pastor.

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Honoring Pastor - Free GiftsHonoring Your Pastor: Free Gifts to Give


Honoring Your Pastor: Free Gifts To Give

Pastors… they are a unique breed of men that have a special calling of God on their life. Not two of them are alike. Their preferences, passions, styles, and even their humanity and mistakes are all combined into one. They are not unlike any other person, just in a different position, to shepherd the sheep of God’s flock in the local church. Our pastor always says that he wants to stand before God one day and say “So & So was a good sheep.” Most pastors will say that they want to stand before God and hear Him say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

I’ve heard it said that the pastor has a heavy responsibility because unlike the man of a household having the accountability of his family, the pastor is responsible and accountable for every family in the church he pastors. What a pressure on their heart, soul, and daily living.

On top of that they have the duty to preach the entire counsel of God, whether it is popular or not. A godly pastor will labor in the Word to study, pray and allow God to work in his heart first, so he can execute his sermon with clarity. He desires to clearly present the gospel to the unsaved and feed the people of God at the same time.

Choosing to honor your pastor with gifts is a loving way to show him your appreciation to your church or your family for his service. Not every gift you can give your pastor has to cost you a dime, just demonstration of Christian character.

Honoring Pastor - Free Gifts

The Gift of Spoken Word

  • A Word of EncouragementA word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. Proverbs 25:11 I’m not talking about buttering your pastor up with flattery, we’re talking about real words from a righteous heart that will help him when he is discouraged. Affirm the value of the preaching He has provided and tell him specific ways in which God has spoken to you through his messages. These type of words are as much of a blessing as a beautiful painting he could hang in his office.
  • A Good ReportThe light of the eyes rejoiceth the heart: and a good report maketh the bones fat. Proverbs 15:30 Want to fatten up your pastor’s heart? Then you give him a good report about your family and the Lord’s work in your life! Don’t just rain your problems down on him, although I’m sure that he’ll listen, tell him about the good and the funny stuff too!

The Gift of Prayer

Are you willing to use your time to go to spiritual battle for your pastor and his needs?

We’re not talking about simple little prayers, we’re talking about heartfelt cries to God for:

  • His protection spiritually and morally
  • Wisdom for him to see the way of escape during the temptations he faces each day
  • Understanding during his Bible reading and Bible study
  • Ability to have discernment in spiritual matters
  • Love and care for the flock God has given to Him
  • Ability to preach with zeal and genuine love
  • To go home and be the husband and father God has called him to rule well

Many stressors would be taken from your pastor’s shoulders if you would bow the knee and do more asking of God to help him in the serious warfare of being His disciple than a watered down “Please bless him” or “thank you for him.”

You may not agree, but I would bet (if I were the betting type, ha) that if you have been a member of your church for any length of time and maintained a communication line between you and your pastor, that he has spent some time in prayer for your spiritual needs. Go ahead and return the favor! This will be one of the greatest gifts you can ever give him.

The Gift of Public Support

  • At Home – Did you know that even though you think you’re in the privacy of your own home, that you’re actually in public? Yep, each time you talk about your pastor in front of your immediate and extended family there’s a little feeling that goes into their heart about him. When you complain and gripe then a negative feeling goes into their heart. If you compliment and follow his leadership verbally then a good feeling goes into their heart. Publicly show your family that you love your pastor and he will become someone who they will learn to trust and support themselves.
  • At Church – Gossip bash sessions happen every week in every service at your church. There’s always a disgruntled church member sitting somewhere in the service ready to air out their opinions. When complaints come your way nip it in the bud! Yes, your pastor has problems in his life with some type of area that deals with people, and so do you. Please be wise to support his efforts to follow God when others try to throw him under the bus. AND, you can even offer to go with that person to see the pastor and deal with those issues. See what happens when you do that… it usually will stop right there.
  • And Abroad – Want to know a sure-fire way to have people interested in attending your church? You tell them about what you love about your church and the ways in which you enjoy your pastor. When people see that you trust your pastor in a world when it seems that even churches cannot be trusted, they will be more open to consider visiting your church and hearing what he has to preach about. You probably guessed that the sure-fire way to get people to never darken the doors of your church is to complain and murmur about the latest problem you have had with your pastor. Why would they want to attend a service where you hate your pastor?

I know, I know, I know… all pastors are not lovely all the time. I’m not asking you to lie about your pastor, to paint up the truth if you’re really going through a hard time in your church. I’m asking you to reverence his position, to put some of these free gift ideas into practice and see if they won’t allow you to be a better blessing to your pastor. You might even be blessed in return and see prayers answered on his behalf and attitudes of children changed toward church because you’ve decided to support him publicly at home.

Some people say that best gifts in life are free, and well, I think that applies specifically to many of these principles, because…

When you exercise good Christian character and spiritual investment in someone else, then you’re sure to reap the rewards of giving honor to whom honor is due!