25 Mother-Son Church Activity Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother-Daughter activities abound around Mother’s Day and most churches host fun activities for women to be able to spend time with their daughters or focus on being a “daughter of the King.” Have you ever considered changing up the normal routine of events and focusing on those Mamas with sons in the family? I know this post is a little early to help you with some planning ahead if you’re interested in changing up your Mother’s Day event this year or making plans ahead for the following year.

This can be a lot of fun! Don’t discriminate between ages, let older men bring their older mothers if they want to and let mothers bring their younger sons too. If you allow the older men to come with Mama then it will show the younger men to show honor and respect to their mothers for their whole life. It will also give you a source of help for cooking during the cook-out and men who can do the devotion or be the drivers for the day-trip excursions.

1. Son-Hosted Grill Out/BBQ – Have the sons grill up meat for the mothers and have a picnic on the church grounds. Moms bring sides!

2. Mama-Son Baking Championship – Do a bake-off between families, having the mothers and sons cook up a baked dish and compete with each other. Add a twist by giving them a theme to base their baked goods from. P.S. If you’ve ever watched the hit show “Kid’s Baking Championship” on The Food Network then you will learn there are great boy chefs!

3. Lego Build Banquet – Boys love Legos, so why not have a Lego-themed event!? All you need are tables, legos, and decorations. Let the boys build to their heart’s content. Devotional Idea: “Lego and Let God,” talking about how mothers raise their sons for the Lord and then let go and allow God to take over their life. Or perhaps a devotion about building your life upon God’s foundations.

4. Raising Knights Night – Using a medieval theme you can teach Christian boys how to treat a lady by allowing them to be a valiant knight for their mother.  Devotion Idea: Gentlemanly etiquette and Biblical advice on raising a knight.

5. Be Mom’s Super Hero Banquet – The idea is like that from above, concentrating the focus on teaching boys how to be a hero for women, especially defending and respecting their mothers. The super-hero theme is not complete without thinking of Christ’s love and tenderness toward Mary, His mother. Use primary colors for decorations, wear capes, and have fun with it!

6. Mother-Son Bowl-A-Thon – Gather up all the gals and guys and rent a few lanes at the bowling alley and just get out and enjoy those stinky bowling shoes and a striking afternoon game together.

7. Mother-Son Hike/ Nature Walk – Organize an outdoor hike and walk for either a day trip or a nearby adventure locally. Plan a picnic and have them enjoy God’s creation together!

8. High Tea with Son and Me – Have a dainty tea set up for mothers and sons to enjoy little sandwiches, punch/tea, and little desserts. This seems a little too close to what is normally done for mother-daughter events but this could be an exercise on teaching a young man to treat his mother to a fine date and wear his Sunday best and enjoy each other’s company. This is great training for men to learn the value of dating their future wives.

9. Sports Event Spectacular – Plan moms and sons to attend a sporting event together with the other mothers and sons in your church. I know some of you gals dig sports, so this would be the occasion for mothers to “take him out to the ballgame!”

10. Board Game Bonanza – Have an afternoon of fun with snacks and games enjoying mother-son bonding time playing board games with other mom-son competitors.

11. Birdhouse Build Day – Create a time of building (what boys like) a birdhouse together and then decorating/painting it together (what moms like). Devotional ideas: Putting together a life for God, Preparing your heart for God to live in (like you prepare a birdhouse for a bird’s family).

12. Dessert Potluck – Need an idea in a hurry? Just invite mothers and sons to bring desserts and enjoy a dessert potluck in the church fellowship hall together on a Saturday afternoon. Devotion Idea: Be Sweet to Mama – Be Sweet to Son (Use examples from God the Son).

13. Mama/Son Picture Booth – Okay, so this would be something you can incorporate to any of the events! You could also find a background and a photographer, and perhaps a few props for a fun activity to do on Mother’s Day Sunday itself for all children and their mothers. Set it up in the foyer or another easy spot to get access to and you can give them a great memory to cherish for years to come.

14. Coffee and Cookies Campout – Mix a camping theme with yummy coffee and cookies and you’ll have a great mother-son connection. Imagine tents and fake campfires in your fellowship hall and cowboy coffee (or real!!)made on electric burners surrounded with plates of cookies made by Mom. OR break out the patio fire pits and use them outside in someone’s backyard instead! Devotion Idea: How Parenting is Like Camping – Crazy things happen on camp-outs just like in parenting but when it’s over you cherish the adventures!

15. Talent Show/Hobby Highlight Night – Showcase the talents of your mothers and sons by allowing them to have a time to share their God-given abilities for the church or for the other mothers and sons. Ensure the content is appropriate by having a sign-up sheet with what each family will be performing for each other. Mother-Son ideas could be: duets, instrumentals, comedy/skits, scripture recitation, etc.

16. BYOB – Bring Your Own Breakfast – Meet at a park for an early morning picnic and have each mother-son duo bring their own breakfast to eat. Devotion idea: “Joy Comes in the Morning” Highlight the godly benefits of being a joyful mother and a godly son.

17. Chef Cooking Demonstration – Hire a local chef to come in and do a cooking demonstration for mothers and sons. This could also be hosted by another cook (perhaps a gifted person in your church) that is great at teaching their skills. Have them create a meal that could be served to the group and easily duplicated at home. Encourage them to foster a love for family by learning to serve each other with these newly acquired skills. (Add this to the Mother-Son Baking Championship and you’ll have a pretty cool event.)

18. The Amazing Race Adventure – Create your own local scavenger hunt placing other mothers and sons on teams working together to carry out tasks and find clues that will lead them to a common place to enjoy time together.

19. Go-Kart Championship – Enjoy an afternoon at a local Go-Kart track. Rent a place for the afternoon and enjoy mom-son competition and speed!

20. Mother-Son Pottery Painting – Pottery painting is not just for girls! Creative boys would like to make something they can take home or maybe even a gift for Mama. Check out your local pottery painting place and see if you can rent a room for an afternoon.

21. Theme-Park Trip – Do you have a theme park within a day’s travel? Gather a mother-son group and set out for roller coasters and rides for a fun day trip.

22. Ice Cream Social – Ice Cream + Moms & Sons = Special Memories. Provide the ice cream and have the ladies bring the toppings. An exciting edition to this would be to create a “Giant Banana Split” like you can find here. Devotion Idea: God sprinkles blessings on us just like we’ve sprinkled toppings on our ice cream. Even though we can have cold times (like ice cream) God can make them sweet.

23. Glow Game Night – This can be a fun night activity done indoors at church or outdoors. Include black lights, glow in the dark paint, and more! Create fun games using glow sticks where mothers and sons can compete to win prizes together.

24. Card Game Carnival – Set up a variety of card games at different tables. Rotate the groups through the tables to be able to play a variety of card games together. Or drop the card games and just have a carnival with carnival games!

25. Mother-Son Lock-In – Gather the boys together with Mamas and enjoy fun at an all-nighter! Moms and sons can enjoy doing all types of activities (incorporate a conglomeration of the things listed here for a night of fun!). Choose a theme to go along with the lock-in and you’ll be able to focus on decorations, food ideas, and the devotions. Have a son bring the devotion to the group at some point in the evening. Don’t think mothers will attend all night? Then end at midnight.

Thank you so much for coming by and taking a look at these ideas. If you ever use one and do your own Mother-Son event please take some photos and send them to me in an e-mail! I’d love to see your creativity.

Help! My Pastor/Ministry Husband Works Full-Time Part 2

When a man is called to a ministry and needs to have a full-time job to meet the needs of his family then it changes the family dynamic. We’re continuing on with Part 2 with things we, as ministry wives, can do to be able to think about and do if our husbands are divided between work and ministry. (You can read Part 1 here.) In this article you’ll find three more points to help you be able to not only survive, but thrive, Lord willing in times when time is compartmentalized between church, family, and our husband’s job.

Make Family Time Golden Time

Treat your family time like it is the “golden” hour(s) of the day. Plan your day around the time of the day in which your husband will be home to spend the bulk of his time with you and your children. If he has time around a specific meal of the day, then have that meal ready to go so you can all sit down and enjoy your meal together. Make your schedule revolve around keeping your family in tune with their father’s influence and ministering to each other.

Unify your family unit during times he is available by shutting out activities that would separate you from having a hearty conversation. Limit TV and devices also. Engaging in productive conversation will tie heart-strings together even when time is limited. Don’t settle for junk when you have time to be together, focus on making your time the shiniest  “golden” time you can have.

Continue to be his helpmeet

Ask yourself this: “Did God bring us here to this church for my husband to be the pastor?” If the answer is yes, and you can confirm in your heart you knew His calling was bringing you to serve in your current church then let go of your desires and just be at peace. If you are where God wants you then there are lessons to be learned. You know the old adage, “Bloom where you’re planted?” While you’re learning to grow and bloom in the strain of time with your husband, continue to be his helpmeet.

True fact: Every husband is lacking in some area of their life (with or without these circumstances). AND one of the roles of the wife is to be his helpmeet. You might be wondering, “Well, I’m the one who needs help, my sink is backing up and my kids are driving me bonkers! How can I help him!?” Somehow even in those unmet needs (like the sink) God will fill in the gaps with solutions, you just need to talk to HIM about them and see where He will open doors to take care of the problems. Another thing to ask God is where He wants you to help your husband. It might be that you will just have to put aside some of your dreams and desires in this season of your life so you can focus on helping your husband do the things where he falls short. It’s not a sin that he needs help, it’s a place of blessing that you will have the discernment to help his needs be met.

In the year that we lived with my in-laws my hobbies (including blogging!) had to go to the wayside. My beloved beads, craft papers, glue, scissors, sewing machine, and even greeting cards were all in a huge storage shed baking in the summer sun without me. The crafty part of me had to be put on the shelf to cultivate and really work at making a multi-generational family work. Meeting my husband’s needs with clean clothes and a lunch every day, maintaining my in-laws’ home, homeschooling the children, and tend to the needs of a little baby all wracked up a ton of my time and energy. I’m not gonna lie, it. was. hard. Everything in me some days screamed “This isn’t right!?” because we were feeling a strain on our family and marriage. I hear ya honey, I know, somewhere in the midst of all this to-and-fro, pass-and-go ministry life we want to still be able to claim something, anything that resembles “normal.” The lifestyle of making things work for your family often is a demonstration of active self-denial to be the helpmeet he needs in this type of season of life. (If you’re needing help with specific things see the section about communication in Part 1).

Does he need you to be his secretary taking phone calls and messages, ordering flowers for people who are in the hospital, or taking care of the church website? Or is he in need of you to iron his clothes and have meals ready before his mad-dash to the mid-week service? Perhaps your accounting and budgeting skills can come in handy to help with managing your money or the church finances? Or being the one to organize the janitorial work to be done at the church every week?  It may be possible you would need to teach and train your children at home in skills where your husband would normally be able to do but now cannot. You might have to work alongside your children to teach them responsibility in chores or foster the lines of communication between your husband and your children.

Side note: Just because you may be involved in many areas of church life does not mean you’re the boss of them, you’re the mediator/helper. All questions and authority on decisions comes through the proper channels, make sure you follow procedures and policies just like any other person would when it comes to church work and being in submission to your husband’s desires. We don’t trump our husbands on decision-making because we’re helping. Too many women run rough-shod over people when they are supposed to be the helpmeet, not the boss.

Guard your heart & Your Marriage

While life is hard and time is short and your Stretch Armstrong husband is being pulled like taffy, remember to guard your heart and marriage. Yep, I’m talking about the ooey gooey part of your relationship. Bloom where you’re planted here too, find ways to keep the love alive in your marriage! Dress up for your man even if he’s off to prayer meeting or a hospital call. Let him know you’re still thinking of him when he’s not there because that will be the draw for him to continue to come home. Find ways to communicate with your husband that will help you keep an open relationship; sweet I’m thinking of you texts, warm greetings, phone calls when possible. Go to a couple’s retreat, or have a sitter come in overnight and go to the next town over for a little night out, at the very least have date night regularly even if it’s after the kids go to bed.

When he’s gone you keep your heart right before the Lord and guard your heart. Satan still seeks whom he may devour and lonely women are easy snacks for the taking. Needy women are also easy prey, don’t lean on another man to solve your problems just because your husband isn’t around. If you do have someone to help you with your busted sink put precautions in place to help remain blameless and pure in your relationship. In other words, don’t be alone with another man. Monitor yourself on the internet, talking to other men about your difficulties will not build your marriage either. Forsake any thoughts that life could be better if…God placed you here, continue serving Him faithfully, and using your creativity to keep your marriage not just afloat but thriving.

Problem Solving with prayer

What if I do everything necessary to making things better for us, including talking to my husband, and we are still strained for time together as a family? Or what if our church is suffering because of my husband’s job? Our children never see their father?

Ministry Mama, I do not know the answer for your particular family on what specific answer you need to see the results you’re wanting. We do know the One who does. God knows, He sees all, He cares. He knows you may be scraping the barrel to get by as a family. Keep on your knees Mama, humbly cry out before the Lord asking Him to change the heart of your husband, or arrange the circumstances needed for your children to spend more time with their father, or for the church members to step in and help him.

Don’t quit asking! Don’t quit problem-solving in prayer! The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man {Ministry Mama} availeth much, (my emphasis) James 5:17.

Help! My Pastor/Ministry Husband Works Full Time Part 1

Women with husbands in full-time ministry and who have a full-time or part-time job know life can be difficult. The time with their husband can be described as divided. Divided between the job that will provide for the monetary needs of the family and the job God has called Him to, the church work and ministry. There is no doubt there is a pull in all directions on the husband and a strain on the family because his strength and time can only be stretched so far.

Most of our followers already know, so this is for you who don’t, my husband is working a full-time job and we are ministering beside our pastor and his wife in a church plant in the southwest. When my husband worked full-time in ministry I could only sympathize with this scenario, now I understand more what encompasses this unique situation on both the ministry, marriage, and parenting level. Several weeks ago, unexpected circumstances caused our pastor to leave town on urgent matters. The following week he was scheduled to preach in another church. This meant my husband had to preach Wednesday night, and all day on Sunday one week, and then Sunday morning the following week. Almost all of his free time was devoted to studying and sermon preparation. Our time together was short. Our communication was limited. He had to stay focused to be effective. That was one hard week… I realize there are couples who deal with this for years.

Maybe in your heart, as a Ministry Mama you’re crying out, “Help! We have been doing this for years and I see the toll it has taken on our marriage.” or “Help! My kids need to see more of their Daddy!” or “Help! Our ministry is suffering because my husband is so divided.” Or maybe, you would claim “D. All of the above.” Here are some things to think about.


Respect both of his jobs.

Men find satisfaction and worth in their work, it is not made to be a contest between you and your family vs. his job. Some men struggle with letting go of their work and focusing on family, it’s true. As far as winning friends (husbands in this scenario) and influencing people, you don’t win points for tearing down that thing that is personal to him and his worth.

Respect the job he has that provides you with the funds you need to care for your family even if the boss is not sympathetic or is a harsh task master. Respect the job he has a pastor and allow him to have peace in ministering to the flock and using his time to study the Word of God for teaching and sermons. Thank God for him. Don’t nag him or belittle his failures, he’s burning the candles at both ends. Give him respect and you help him feel worth.

Forsake jealousy.

Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary describes the word jealous in three ways: 1) Intolerant of rivalry, 2) hostile toward a rival or one believed to have an advantage, 3) vigilant in guarding a possession. Ladies, I know some of you are either jealous your husband works at his job or you are jealous because of the time he gives to the church. How do I know? Well, sadly, I have been and done both because I like to spend time with my husband too.

Jealousy is fired up because of the amount of time our husbands are spending at one thing or another instead of spending it with us. A bi-vocational pastor loves you enough to hold a physical job to help provide for you and he loves God enough to want to fulfill his calling to Him. Please do not be hostile to your husband and consider either of his jobs as a competition or a replacement for being with you.

Most husbands are not looking to find a replacement for your one-on-one time. They may struggle with knowing how to manage their time or how to say no to another counseling session. In most cases it is not a personal rejection of you that would cause you to need to be jealous. The best way to handle jealousy is to remove yourself from the equation and compartmentalize his time (his ministry and family life will sometimes intertwine within the compartments) between his job, family time, and church time. Work within the compartment of time that you have with him and let him be free not to be worried or stressed about ongoing complaints because of your jealousy… which leads to the next point.

Facilitate communication.

A dear friend’s husband has served in a church and working full-time for nine years. Her advice was: “Accept and be thankful for the time you do have {together}. When it is hard, cry out to the Lord, and not your husband. He is probably doing the best that he can, so there is no need in making him feel bad or guilty. If you want to say something to him about his lack of time with the family, ask God first.” 

If God puts it on your heart to talk to your husband about a conflict between the hours your husband works and the time he is devoting to ministry, then talk to him about it. The type of communication he needs is factual details and requests, not entirely emotional. Considerately speak to him and be honest, “Honey, I feel like we are not getting enough time with you in the day, would it be possible for you to spend __X__ amount of time with the kids every afternoon? and have an undistracted evening meal around the table together?” or “Jimmy is really struggling with some questions he is having, could you take some time to go out with him and talk to him tomorrow?”

Teach yourself the ability to communicate factually without manipulating or causing a fight so you can manage the time you have with your husband the best you can. This doesn’t mean you don’t express how you are feeling, it means you control yourself so you can guide the conversation to accomplish a solution for the problem you are trying to solve.

This concludes the first part of this article, click here for Part 2, to read how we will tackle some of the leftover issues that go along with this topic! There is so much that could be said regarding full-time ministry & working families that it just could not fit into one article without it being too big to chew. I’m praying for you ladies who have been needing someone to acknowledge your situation and give you some encouragements. Don’t give up, find solutions with God’s help to keep on making it work.