I’ve Got it Better Than the Angels!

I imagine all of the angels waiting on the edge of their seats with nervous anticipation waiting for the moment. The moment they had all been waiting for! They held their breath for the final portion of God’s plan that would seal the Genesis promise: (Genesis 3:15) that man’s seed would bruise Satan’s head. His death on the cross bearing upon it the sins of the entire world had been a heartbreaking event.
Then, in the flash of an instant Jesus Christ’s dead body wrapped in grave-clothes inhaled a Breath of Life in its nostrils. Christ proceeded to rise from the grave-clothes, sitting up and folding the napkin that covered His face neatly placing it next to His side. Then, He came forth knocking the soldiers down as He emerged from the tomb’s entrance with the strength of His power. The climax of the entire hope and remedy for sin was all hinging on that one specific moment.
I believe the angels gasped then hooped and hollered. When one sinner accepts Christ as Saviour heaven erupts into rejoicing (Luke 15:10). What would the rejoicing have been like on that day!? The resurrection of the Son of God arising sealed the victory over death, sin, and the grave! It opened up the possibility for all men who believed to be saved from eternal death, to have eternal life.
The Bible says that the angels look down in wonder and amazement, learning (I Peter 1:12b) as they cannot fully understand a man’s life. The entire experience of life and freedom to choose Christ is foreign to their knowledge. They were able to witness the entire experience LIVE!
While it would have been such a miracle to see the crucifixion and the resurrection from the viewpoint of an angel, I am so glad I accepted Christ when I was 4 years old.
I have been able to witness God’s transforming power in my life. The angels watched, but I get to experience this relationship with God. I love Him so much for loving me enough to send His Son. Nothing will ever compare to that!