Sunday School Teacher & Church Bus Worker Valentine’s and More! {Free Printables}

Here are three more sets of free Christian printable Valentine cards – one set for Sunday School teachers (probably for girls classes), and a set almost identical to it for church bus workers, and a set of ocean-themed boys Valentine cards.

I just have not been able to stop making Valentine Cards, when a few more ideas struck me, I ran with it and you get to benefit! Have you seen very many cute Valentine cards specifically for Sunday School teachers or any from bus workers? Me neither… My children, especially our oldest son, Uno, helped me come up with the sayings on the cards. You can obviously tell that I love this kind of stuff! –I would have had these to you sooner but I accidentally posted them as a new page instead of a new post. Rookie mistake!

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Please remember these Valentine cards are for personal or church use only. They are not for commercial purposes of any kind. Please remember if you share or post this on your own website to please link it to this page, not the .pdf. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Preview 1

Sunday School Teacher Valentine Cards

Church Bus Worker Valentine Cards

Christian Valentine Cards for Boys – Ocean Theme

Please see the Free Christian Valentine’s Printables page for more!

Credits for the graphics in these Valentine’ s go to these people at the Teachers Pay Teachers online store. Please go check out their products, they have done some great work!

Missy Mooty Russell

A Sketchy Guy

Krista Wallden

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!!

Cheap Teaching Visuals for a Tight Church Budget

Cheap Teaching Visuals

Whether you are in a new church planting ministry, a church who has found itself needing to save money in the church budget, or a missionary with limited resources, you may find yourself in need of cheap Sunday School materials for your tight budget. Realistically paying for Sunday School materials can cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some ideas and strategies that can help you save money by creating your own teaching visuals.

Find free Bible clip-art or free printables online.

All you will need is a printer and if you want to make the pictures be long-lasting you can have the pieces laminated at a school supply store or buy a low-cost laminator to have at home or in your church office.

Free Bible Character Clip Art from Charlotte's Clips

Charlotte’s Clips provides a free 16-piece clip-art set from Teachers Pay Teachers but you can find Bible clip-art everywhere on the web. Just make sure you pay for it if you are supposed to, avoid copy and paste, if the clip-art is not free so that your ministry is not guilty of copyright infringement.

Another great free resource that I enjoy is the Jesus Rolon’s at Crafting the Word of God website. He creates great crafts for children’s Bible lessons. These crafts can easily be used to create visuals for when you need something to really catch the attention of your students.

Elijah Taken Up to Heaven 1

The flaming chariot when Elijah was taken to heaven


With clip-art or even free Bible coloring pages you can create story boards, stick puppets, flannel graph pieces, and more. Your imagination and teaching ability can easily take something that costs you less than the cost of an entire curriculum and make your teaching opportunities vibrant with life and interest.

Utilize Microsoft Powerpoint.

Use digital pictures instead of printable visual aids. You can teach using a laptop, link in to a projector that projects onto a screen or wall, or even plugs into a television.

Free Bible Images is a great resource for either using their Bible story images for Powerpoints, making your own visual cards, or using for creating your own project printables. They have great drawingss and even images that look like realistic Bible stories that have been acted out by actors and photographed.

Free Bible illustrations at Free Bible images of Moses and Aaron going to Pharaoh. (Exodus 4:29 - 7:16)

Moses speaking to Pharoah

A parable of Jesus about a Samaritan who cares for a Jew in need. (Luke 10:25-37)

The Good Samaritan

Kandace Long from Teachers Pay Teachers has created some Bible lessons of the Parables that are available for free. You can view them here and download them when you create a free account at their website.

Make your own Bible paper dolls or peg dolls.

Making Friends has a cute little template that you can print and personalize for the Bible story you are teaching.

A quick trip to Jacques’ My Little House website can give you so many ideas on how to print your own Bible paper dolls from the 3D calendars he has made. His digital pieces also make it possible for you to have great backdrops you can make for a storyboard or even a diorama. I have done this for teaching several lessons for a 4’s and 5’s Vacation Bible School class. I used our color copier at the church to blow them up to the size I wanted them to be.

When the angel opens the prison doors for Paul & Silas

Peg dolls are very popular and are great teaching visuals. Order some or buy them at a craft store then paint them either for the specific Bible story you are teaching or make generic Bible characters that could be used in a variety of stories.

Paula Stringer on Pinterest uploaded a photo of her own peg dolls that she created, I think these are some of the best I have seen.

Bible characters.  I painted these little people so that we could tell Lucy really short Bible stories that she might engage with a bit more than children's Bibles.  We all love it!

Peg Dolls by Pinterest User Paula Stringer

Even a simple search on the Etsy website of “Bible peg dolls” will give you some more ideas on how detailed you can be when you make your own Bible character peg dolls.

Create your own puppets and puppet stage.

Look at this idea of making a wearable puppet stage from Artists Helping Children. There is a tutorial at their website that will teach you how to do it. You can use this idea using Bible paper dolls or the clip-art like above or make your own puppets from socks or other materials. (If you ever do this, please send me some pictures so I can see your puppet stage.)

How to Make a Wearable Puppet Stage

Ask other churches if they have any extra Sunday School materials they are not using.

Often churches will put old curriculum into storage and may just be happy to let you take some of their older materials off their hands. Do not be afraid to use older materials, some people worry that children will not be interested in old Bible pictures, etc. I would be more inclined to encourage you to make sure your teaching is interesting and fun in the way you use the visuals more than what they look like. Great teaching can use any tool (old or new) to its advantage to be able to transfer the Bible truths from the story to the student.

Make your own felt visuals.

Do you like the look of felt visuals but do not have the money to pay for it? Search online for felt Bible story patterns or look below at a few of the ideas I found.

Sarah at A Little of This–A Little of That gives a great tutorial on how you can make felt visuals from your home printer and t-shirt transfers.

Then try something like this website from Pam at Keeping Life Creative. This lady has taken pictures of her felt pieces already assembled and put them together in Bible story sets. Many are free or low-cost on her Teachers Pay Teachers account. Print them on a color printer and laminate for long-term use.

Adam & Eve from Keeping Life Creative

Stories include: Creation, Adam and Eve, Moses, Noah’s Ark, Joseph, Jonah & the Whale, and The First Christmas ($3)

Make it Cozee shares a free Adam & Eve felt pattern for making your own felt story.  She also has a great tutorial that teaches you the secrets of how to cut felt.

Sarah at Stay at Home Educator created a free printable felt set of the nativity story.

Paint your own story stones.

Take an idea like this and create your own Bible story stones. While you teach your Bible story you would bring out the next Bible story stone and set it out. You could sit on the floor and teach the lesson with the children sitting around you or have them in chairs so that they are sitting higher and can easily see the floor where you are teaching.

Pre-school Play  (photo shown above) has a great tutorial on how to make story stones out of all types of mediums (magazines, etc.). You could even use old Sunday School materials to create them, or Bible stickers!


I hope that this has been a blessing and benefit to you that are looking to save money on your Sunday School curriculum. Yes, it may take an investment of your time, but think of how you will not only be saving money but also branching out creatively to make some really excellent visuals aids to help you teach effectively. These visual aids can be used in your ministry now and in the years to come.

7 Recommended King James Sunday School Curriculums

Exclusive King James Sunday School Curriculum is hard to find! I did research and asked friends what they use to be able to compile this list. I want you to know that the majority of these curriculums are written by Baptists. The other curriculums I have used before that have been doctrinally safe, so that is why I recommend these 7 Sunday School Curriculums.

KJV SS Curriculum

Glow Publications Junior Church Curriculum Guides – I have heard great things about this curriculum from a ministry friend of mine. I first became acquainted with this company through their monthly devotional booklets for teens, and now I see they also have devotional books for children. I always enjoyed the stories inside the devotional booklets because they gave great application to Biblical truths, so I am sure that their Junior Church curriculum will be great as well. Cost $1.60 for a downloadable .pdf file or a booklet for $5 to $7.50.

Regular Baptist Press – I have also used and taught some of the 2’s and 3’s curriculum for Junior Church. In my experience it has good take home papers and visual aids to help me teach. I like how the teacher’s guide helps me come up with activities to reinforce the lessons. You can find curriculum for a range of different age groups to choose from under the Sunday School tab. Make sure to look for the KJV materials, because they also sell curriculum containing other translations.  Teacher’s Guides $6.99 Teaching Resources Packet $16.99 Take home papers also available at a fairly low cost.

Striving Together Publications – 5 Different Curriculum packets are available including: Stories of Grace, The Sacrifice of Our Saviour, The Signs of Our Saviour, The Steps of Our Saviour, and The Stories of Our Saviour. Our church has used this curriculum in our summer Wednesday night program for kids and it has been easy enough for our teens to teach the kids about the Bible. Teacher’s Edition Books $16.95 and Visual Aid Packets for $34.95. Other teaching resources are available. *Note: A friend of mine mentioned that not every story in the curriculum is included in the Visual Aid Packets, so this may be something you want to keep in mind.

Bible Basics KJV Curriculum has a great range of curriculum – Preschool, Kindergarten, Beginner, Primary, Junior, Young Teen, Teen, Young Adult, and Adult. You can find this easily under Church Supplies, then Sunday School Curriculum. Teacher’s Guides range around $4.50 and Visual Aids cost around $8.50. They also have Make & Take booklets for many age groups for as low as $3.15 each. This website, The KJV Store is run by a distant cousin of mine that only sells KJV products in their online store.

Joyful Life Sunday School Curriculum – Teacher Guides cost $6.95 and Posters for teaching cost $11.50-$22.75. The Joyful Life website allows you to view many pieces of the curriculum and has a downloadable order form. If you would like to make your purchase a little more simple, visit Joyful Life also has a good choice of visual songs available to teach in your class, this curriculum is published by Abeka.

Accent Curriculum can be ordered easily from but viewed best at where you can also try sample lessons.  The Teacher’s Manuals cost about $7.45*, Teacher’s Resources book is $16.50*, and the Classroom Kit (including Teacher’s Guide) costs $28.99*. This is a curriculum that I have worked with before in Junior Church for 4 and 5 year olds. It was easy to teach the kids because the visuals and teaching suggestions are full of help for the teacher to come up with ideas, songs, or games to reinforce the lessons.  *Prices vary between the two websites.

Bible Characters Curriculum. There are 5 volumes for the Bible Character Series for $15 each. There are around 25 lessons per book that focus on a Bible person and a specific character trait associated with each lesson. There are many other options available from this ministry in Kokomo, Indiana in their Ebay store. This curriculum came highly recommended from a ministry friend in Utah that has used 4 of the volumes to teach through an entire year. She liked that it was good for 8 year olds and up because it has activity pages included. She did say when she worked with younger children she would just find a coloring page online to print that was associated with the lesson.

As  you search for the perfect curriculum for your church ministry I challenge you to get samples if you can, borrow from friends, ask questions, do your research before you take the plunge and buy. You want to find something that matches your Biblical beliefs, teaching style, and will help you be able to have the resources to teach your class whether it is big or small. My greatest recommendation is to take the time to pray and ask the Lord what materials He would like you to use. Teaching what God wants you to is the most important thing of all!

 As always, if you have any other suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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